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Young World is about children and anything that goes with them. This means there will a little of fashion and style, more on parenting and motherhood, a little of tech and good reads, a bit of healthy snacks, some beauty tips and the little adventures.

 To be totally honest, Lyn or Brad are not writing or editing any post in this blog. It's all me! their mom. But i hope soon enough, they will be up for it.


Malyn/Lynne/Lyn/Marita/Rita/Maritza/Martha is a cheeky girl, and surprisingly shy. She loves fun, smiling, and being playful.
Lyn likes watching kid's cartoons, swimming, drawing and painting.She has currently showed an interest in singing.
Every little girl likes color PINK, however, my little Sweet-pie used to love BLUE and anything that is BLUE. But she has grown and her love of pink is now shown. She picked it up from girls at school, I guess.

Patrick/Pat/Bradlyn/Brad, is the young man of the house. He is an adorable little boy who is always smiling. He is also the shy type from first glance but very funny as you get to know him.
At the moment, what i can say about his likes is that he likes everything. From watching movies, music and just anything that the sister does. 

Hope you enjoy the blog and all the posts.
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