My First Boot Camp Experience

I’ve missed writing a post. Yes I’ve been procrastinating and today I decided to do this. 
This one should have been up two months ago but still, here it is.

In my first month of my dedicated fitness journey, I got news that there was going to be a boot camp. I didn’t have any idea about what goes on but I was determined to have my first ever experience. Of course I was reluctant at first but I ended up paying for it. 

The event was exhausting and I slept sore and in pain. From moving the big Truck tires down a hill to climbing a steep hill from the lake to tag of war and Zumba. They activities were so involving I almost collapsed. But I didn’t. The sun was hot and it was worse if you dragged yourself down the hill to the lake without water. I went up the so tired and weary. Wished I could get someone lift me up, but everyone was busy trudging on. Determined to reach the final and flat point. With my smaller tire on the waist I didn’t stop and I didn’t want to be left behind either. 

The day ended with people having their lunch at 3:00 or 4:00 pm. Thereafter, there was beer, whisky, wine and name it. People had to soothe their pains a bit.

Yes, I was sore and tired, but I loved every bit of that experience.

Ps.. Tomorrow 30th September, we are having a hike.
Have a blessed weekend and stay healthy and strong.


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