Siblings + Rivalry + Friendship + Mischief

With only a 2 year and 13-day age gap between my kids, I thought they would consider themselves to be more of older sister and younger brother instead of equals. At least that’s what I thought would happen for the first couple of years. I know I didn’t really expect that. Lyn had just turned 2 years and with all the love she got from both of us, it was expected for her to have a hard time. My hopes were that she would melt with love and be a big sister. It turned out to be the opposite. 

 Having denied her the right to breastfeed (much early according to her), she felt so sad seeing the little boy taking over and it got even worse when she was not sleeping next to mommy. It was tough and I guess she accepted. With time, they have bonded but the fights are there. This will never stop. It is part of sibling world I guess – in good, in bad and crazy times. I feel happy when I see them play together because I believe that only makes them bond together (yes even when they fight). Not that I want them to get into trouble, but I feel happy to know they are getting into their own little mischief. I feel happy seeing them getting into little shenanigans like rearranging the living room with the sofa pillows just to make a house or sliding on the floor with the table mats. Actually I try so hard to keep my cool especially when the house is all messed up or the thought of them getting hurt or knowing they are in the next room painting with crayons or watercolors and unsupervised.

The crazy moments I dread are the fights and cries. I hear them giggle and laugh. I hear them jump up and down from bed to bed or couch to couch. I sit quietly and wait…and I wait for the moment I will hear them cry so loud that my mind freezes. I wait on moments they will need me to solve their disputes. At times their disputes are so big I have to do a hearing. Each one of them will get a chance to tell their side of the story and I will have to be the judge. Both will blame each other and it will get difficult for me to give a ruling. I will be forced to punish both of them and they will have to say sorry, cry for less than 10 minutes and go back to playing. Together. They don’t hold grudges even if one was found guilty and given a punishment.

When we go to church or amusement park and let them go on their own, these two hold hands. Can you imagine that? They follow each other everywhere and Lyn is always watching his little brother. It surprises me!  They are closer and bond as days go by…. This path they have taken warms my heart every single day. 

Happy New Month and God Bless you



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