Open and Realistic Mother's Day Expectations

I would have forgotten Mother’s day, but with the digital media and businesses already flooded with Mother’s day goodies, and adverts, I probably won’t miss the date. Yes, Mother’s day is here. A day most women, especially the new mothers - even the already experienced and old moms- eagerly wait with high expectations. Expectations range from simple sweet message to a getaway. I would pick the getaway if given a chance to pick, though the message option will always create a spark in my heart.

Contrary, Mother’s day is feared by men (I heard, don't crucify me 😊). That they wonder what could possibly sum up a Mother’s essential role. If it’s getting a gift, will it measure up? Measure up to their very important act of carrying life and birthing it in a size of a watermelon. More than that, the mother also raises this little piece of heaven with grace and awesomeness (not as smooth as it sounds though). It’s overwhelming…and they know it.
Scenario 1:
To the dad’s they go extra miles to emulate that commercial they saw or getting the wrapped gifts flooded in the stores. Or, they might decide to be creative to surprise mom with breakfast in bed or involve the kids with getting a surprise for mom. Mind you, the kids and dad serving breakfast in bed and crying and fighting over who should tap mommy to wake up (you are already awake but pretending). They finally 'wake' you up, they see your ‘surprised’ look and they are happy. That warms your heart - the genuine looks on their faces.
They then make your bed a bouncy castle, and they finally do it! The fresh juice you just got served spills on the clean duvets you just spread the previous night. You bite your lip and get a hold of yourself. Happy mom gets up well nourished. Heads to the kitchen and what she sees is scene. A Post tornado scene (get the picture?)
Scenario 2:
As you might have known already, Mother’s day are always on Sundays. Dad decides on taking the family out. Perfect, right? The plan is; everyone gets ready and you all go to mom’s favorite restaurant, share a meal(brunch) together, get memories by snapping a few pictures and day is done. Yes, Perfect!
Real picture is, getting ready takes two to three hours full of running up and down just to get the kids dressed in beautiful outfits (that’s mom and the kids). Already exhausted? You get to the restaurant and the struggle continues – to get them seated, stay still as you await your order. Oh, the favorite restaurant seems to be the spot for other families too! Finally, the day is done but mom and dad would love to take some memories with them in their phones or camera. Getting a descent picture also seems tough, and you have to go with the crazy ones captured. Finally you get one and the day is done.
…To the rescue
Dad’s, from my personal experience, this is what we want for Mother’s day!
  • We love you. We love the kids, but just this once, give us a timeout
  • We want to get some good sleep – uninterrupted.
  • No cooking, no dishes, no laundry cleaning, no breaking up sibling fights
I mean, we want to go to our favorite restaurant, spa or curled up in bed or couch with a good book, alone. A peaceful quiet time to reflect, and calm our nerves. We can then end up the special day by getting in the house just to give the kids a goodnight kiss and narrowly escape the dinnertime and bedtime mayhem.
This was my personal journal, but I believe that is an opinion for the many Mother’s out there.
Back to the awesome dads, sons and daughters who are sweating really hard to treat the Queens of the world, skip that which your gut is telling you. Skip the trending ideas. Give us the sweet quiet haven in our home and maybe dinner out. Let’s be the queens of the world for a day. Hahaha, that is tough with these little ones running around. For the adult sons and daughters, it will be great to surprise your moms with showing up, but don’t go giving them runs. Let her sit, relax, enjoy and smile all the way down to her heart.
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Have a blessed week 


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