Happy Mother's Day: Alive and Departed

This year’s Mother’s day, I know some people will be celebrating Mothers day without a mother. These people might also be mothers and so might receive gift,cards and messages. But sadly enough, they wont be giving the same to their mothers.They will not have a chance to show their gratitude and lavish them with love. They wont be able to see their faces as they thank them for their wonderful job of raising them.

To the awesome readers who are still lucky:
  • Reach out to your mothers even when you two have an extremely wide valley between you two. Even when you are not close, just reach out
  • Even when you disagree most of the time, look at her and tell her how special she is.
  • On this mother’s day, give her a call, embrace her if you are together and let her feel the true love from her child
  • Whether she was there to show you love or failed to show the affection, she’s still your mother – appreciate her
  • Get together and reconcile if you had disagreed or separated
  • If she is a role model to you or not, or once told you what not to do and do, its time you told her how much you learned from that
  • Reach out even if she hasn’t been a perfect mother. She still is alive and here, and that means there is hope for the two of you make amends.
  • You are lucky to have her here. Don’t let this day slip away without truly connecting with your mothers and also create memories.
Happy Mother’s day to all Mothers! To those who’ve lost theirs, may you find that inner peace.

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