Don't Stress, Create Memories

 As grown-ups, we think, think again and then overthink. The result being stress (over nothing at times). We worry so much and this only makes life tough and hard. I can’t actually get myself into anyone’s shoes. I can’t tell you that I totally understand what you go through. We all have our own paths, situations and personalities. How you might be handling an issue is not the same way I will do. 

If you met me a few years ago, life was different. What I have or gained now, I didn’t have it before. If I was miserable, then today am blessed! I saw life differently then. I was a work-at-home mom, a housewife, and student. I compared myself to other successful working women. Wished I was them. Wished I could take my kids to the luxury vacations and buy them the big toys ‘I’ wanted them to have. We didn’t manage to do that but we still enjoyed each other’s company. We took the kids out or to the small kid’s park around our home. The kids were always happy, but I still worried in my little corner. I don’t know why I did when the kids were happy. They would be happy whenever I took them playing with the cousins. They would be happy when we went swimming. They would still be happy whenever I got them those second hand toys (that you will never get in the big stores by the way). That’s what should matter, right? Happy Kids, Happy parents (the reverse is the same).

This is a reminiscence after listening to Kristina Kuzmic’s video. It hit me hard. What our kids want is far from what we stress over. As they grow, they will only remember the good times you shared together. Forget the expensive toys. Forget the extravagant life. Forget all that. The sweet little memories you spend together as a family is what these kids will have forever. If you are too busy running up and down, forgetting to spend time with them or play together, or just sit down and watch that silly cartoon with them, then you might be missing out. 

Yes we must work, get the money, and provide the best life has to offer, but it’s also much better to save half your time with them. You never know what life might have for you. Lastly, don't NEVER compare your life. 

Live it! 
Paint it the way you like it to be
Be happy
Treasure every little moment
They will forever cherish that

Cheers and Be Happy

 Outfit Details
Jacket and White Tee - Essentials Kenya
Striped Skirt - Custom made by Yours truly (Me)
Shoes - Kneex Fashion
Photo Credits - Yours Truly (Me)


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