The Little Bosses (Part 1)

“It's time for bed,” I announce. The Big boss has already left for bed and Lyn and Brad are busy playing jumping on the cushions. No action is taken. Goodnight follows and nothing happens, again. I start chasing after the little bosses to bed. They run to our room and all scream "Goodnight daddy" while jumping on the bed. It's 8.55pm.

I chase them out of our room, into theirs. We struggle but once both are inside their beds, I head for the door as I say goodnight to them and switch off the light. 

“Mommy?” Shouts Lyn. I think I know what she wants but I keep quiet and look back with a feigned smile (they prefer lights on). “I want my friendship book. Please read for me.” I didn’t expect that. She’s been reading on her own all this time. Why today? I think. I open the closet, pick the tiny poetry book. I actually love the book too (reviewing it soon). Before I can struggle to read, we agree it’s only one poem I will be reading for the night.

“Goodnight,” I finally kiss them goodnight and head for the door. I head to our room and as am about to close our door, I see someone outside the door. Really? I’m so tired, my head is spinning and all I want is get in my bed.

“Mommy, I want some water,” says brad who is just out of the bed and out of their room (I think he is FLASH). He is standing tall (or is it short) and staring at me with a broad smile. Okay. We both go get water both exchange our goodnights, once again. At 9.33pm we are all off to bed.

Those are my little bosses. 

Every single day, I get out the bed when these bosses need me. Even when it’s that morning you want to sleep in. Sometimes I'm woken up and summoned in their small office, only to be reminded that they need this and that. One time, the girl boss called out to me while I was in the bathroom just to ask why I went to shower without giving her a good morning hug. Guess my reaction…The other boss loves his sleep, so such demands are not received from him during this time.

At times my little bosses are kind of little tyrants who just want to make me miserable and hide. They come to me, both calling for attention and you wonder who to listen to. Making a bad decision at this time will make the other throw a tantrum. I mean one of them will cry or say, “I’m not your friend.” At times I just tell them, “Fine, but I still am your mother.” They even know when to throw a blackmail just to make me bend my back just to please them. But they don’t know how well I know these tricks. 

Other times, I think of throwing them a resignation and it always sounds like a good step!(Yes it does). I resign and go away on a vacation just to relax and be away. To a place complete with silence, no noise, or disputes to settle. Yes it always sounds amazing, but once I start making the arrangements, I always think of them. This one is an inseparable employment contract I will never run away from.

The Little Bosses ( Part 2) continues…..


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