My Dearest Mom

Today, I understand what’s been like to be taking care of us. I have been meaning to share my thoughts but I have been lazy and forgetful. From cleaning up the messes, solving kids issues to sleep deprivation, but I have to keep up, be strong and still remain sane. I know you understand it so well because you have been through this phase.

First of all thank you for all the duties you did as a mother and I always thought that you did all that because it was natural for you to be a mother. Now I know that at times it’s the superhero’s effort, and that means you are one SUPERHERO. Memories to me are blurring but I know how you really tried to be the best mum. You were sweet, you nursed us, and you comforted us, sacrificed for us and protected us. On all this occasions, I know all you needed was a few hours of uninterrupted and quiet time alone, but we never knew that. Always trying to get your attention. Fighting each other, looking for misplaced belongings, continuous questions that needed answers- but again you had to be firm and never show your weakness. Thank you.
Now we have grown up, busy in our careers and families and you say you are happy, so long us “You kids are doing well and Happy” as you always say. We’ve all left the house and I know how lonely it feels. Waking up in a quiet and clean house every day with no laughs, cries, and running feet at the hallway. The beds are all empty and you have no one to call after or scold for bad behavior. At times we fail to call you, but you still create time to call in the evening, only to know if we are all doing Okay.  I can only imagine.
Now I am a mom, and I fully understand what is motherhood and what is entailed in this journey. I understand everything. I understand your effort to teach us good manners. I understand why you let us go out to play or visit our relatives when you really needed a break. I never understood it then, but now I do.  Sorry for being stubborn and not appreciating it at the time. You did it amazingly Mom. You were awesome and any significant effort I do now as a mother, I owe it to you.
Thank you.
Loving daughter, who is now a mother and fully understands the word MOTHER.

I should have waited for MOTHER'S DAY, but I don’t have to. Appreciate them all time, all year. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WAIT, as noted HERE.
What are you thankful for, for your Mom?
I think I also need a Father’s letter, what are your thoughts?
Better still, send your personalized Father’s or Mother’s letter to or and we will have it published.



  1. Reading this makes me put myself in her shoes. Oh Mother, I now miss her so much.
    I thank her for struggling alone to raise me and my brothers. Waking up early just to make our daily needs fulfilled. And she looked so strong and now I see how it must have been tough.

    1. Ann, first of all Thanks for reading.
      I totally get you. I have put myself in her shoes and its very sad She is not with me. At times i wish i could have her with me but she is also too busy with her work. The only thing is stay in touch with her everyday and visiting whenever we can.


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