How I Hurt His Feelings

"Mommy, you know you hurt his feelings?"
 That’s a statement I got from Lyn a week ago and this is what happened:

I’m seated at my desk, now focused on reading through this presentation document a colleague shared with me. I needed to go through the whole document, understand everything before the day ended because we had an early Skype meeting planned. I had just sat down after more than 2 hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. It was such a relief to sit down but I still had to keep my brain working. 

The kids were seated on the couch watching Disney Junior. It was a Sunday afternoon, and they were allowed to watch. Actually they’ve been watching a lot this April (A slight fall back on the “Limited Screen Time” challenge). As I read through the document, so many ideas and to-dos came into my head. I opened the sticky notes app to note down those ideas and to-dos. As soon as I pressed the second letter, I heard something fall down. I immediately turned my face and saw them both staring at me. I went to where they were and saw the black plate broken into pieces. All the content spread on the floor and rug carpet. Brad was silent and of course scared. I was mad to be honest. "Why why why….They can’t let me rest," I thought. I got hold of myself, a bit, pinched his little ears, a little, and switched off the TV (Yes, in my mind I believed the TV was the reason why he didn’t see the plate he himself placed next to him). He then left the living room and headed to his room to cry. I got the broken pieces of the plate and with the help of Lyn, cleaned the mess up.

I went back to my desk and continued with my work. The two had all gone to their room. I moved to slide ten with no interruption but as soon as I was started on slide eleven, Lyn was standing next to me.

“Mommy, you hurt someone’s feelings”, she said point blank and didn’t stutter. She wanted me to know that I did something very bad. “And I felt so bad too to see him cry,” She added while giving me that sad face.

“Who is that I hurt, Malyne?” I asked back full aware of who she meant. At this point, I was so moved and understood this little girl’s feelings. I personally used to cry whenever a sibling was caned. I actually used to intervene, Hehe.

“You made Brad cry and you know that was an accident. He didn’t drop the plate. It was an accident,” She replied back with a slight drop of her head. I had nothing else to say now that the big sister just made me look so bad. I then called out for Brad who seemed to have stopped crying. He came to the living room with his daddy, and he was very calm. “Hope he didn’t report me with the hope that I will also get a pinch,” I thought. I asked him to come to me and he did.

“Brad, Mommy is very sorry for making you cry, have you forgiven me?” I apologized while taking his hand into mine. He gave me a look that prompted me to drop my head like our grown pup Dude.  He smiled and nodded his head to imply that I was forgiven.

“Do you know why mommy pinched your ears?” I asked

 “Because he dropped his foo..”, Lyn replied but I stopped her from being the spokes lady.

 “Let him talk please. Brad do you know?” I insisted on the question because I needed him to know the reason.

 “Yea. I dropped my food.”

“Good. Next time, leave the dining table with no plate, Okay?” I said as I tried to make him laugh a bit by tickling him. He smiled and with a nod he ran off. 

Lyn was still standing next to me. She wanted to say something, so I turned to her. “Yes, feeling much better now?’ 

“You hurt my feelings today too. Remember when I wanted the fishing rod and you refused to get me?”………

So she had some something on her after all…

Be blessed! 
It’s a Birthday Weekend for me and My Twin!


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