MUM’S LIST: Wishes from a Dying Mum

Now this is a weepie film and book that I’m hoping to watch a few times. Alone or with family because its so emotional for any mom or parent. I need not to forget to mention that I just got this copy on Kindle and I love this book.  Now my morning read struggle are covered for now. 

...'Can we sleep in your bed tonight?' Reef asked. Of course you can,' I said. They bounded into our bedroom and launched themselves on to the bed like a couple of little rockets. Kate had bought an absolutely massive king-sized bed when she was too weak to get up so the boys would have plenty of space to cuddle in with her. Sadly she died in hospital before the bed was delivered, and now they had so much space it was ridiculous........... 
Sample paragraph in the Mum's List by St. John Green

A 2016 film from the book was released last year. Its a true story based on Kate Greene. It talks of this strong mother of two, diagnosed with cancer and upon accepting the truth of her remaining time to live with her family, she puts down all her wishes for his two sons and husband when she is gone. Gone because of cancer. She wants her sons and husband to live on, and enjoy life even when she is gone with the angels. For her husband, she includes tips for him to do with their children such as giving them a good night kiss, going diving and other stuff to help him and the sons have the best of life after she’s gone.

As I write this post, so many thought come into my head. The only thing I can say is a prayer:
  • A sincere prayer from every parent for their children
  •  A prayer that God will grant me life and strength to help me see my children grow up
  • A prayer to keep our children safe, healthy and strong
  • A prayer to help them grow up, live life and succeed
A thought crosses my mind to write my own letter. Yes you can try it too. This is too emotional and I will stop at that. 


Remember to cherish every moment with your family, live in every moment, because you just don’t know…
Grab a copy of the movie, enjoy and don’t forget to get tissues at hand.



  1. I'm in deep thoughts as I read this post. Its indeed sad to loose a parent or a child. I can only imagine how tough it must have been.

    1. yes it very sad, loosing a parent or child. That's why we need to live life, appreciate the people we have, because we just never know


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