Home-to-School Morning Routine: Part 2 (Bradley)

 Part 2 of THIS: My alarm rings at exactly 5.00 am and interrupts my addictive and sweet morning sleep. I need to wake up, read my long overdue book but sleep wins and I snooze for another 10 minutes. At this point, I try to get back and resume with the interesting dream I was having but nothing.
I look at the mister and he is deep in his sleep and I wonder if today he will be so generous with helping with the breakfast or dressing the kids. After ten minutes, the alarm rings again, just when sleep had snatched me away and I snooze it once again for five more minutes.

I finally wake up and I realize there’s light from the rising sun. My heart is pounding because of the sudden realization that I didn’t hear the alarm after snoozing it for five more minutes. I regret why I snoozed the alarm. It's 5.52 am already?! I pick the towel and rush to the bathroom and am done in less than five minutes. I throw on a bathrobe and rush to the kitchen. I Get the snacks ready and put some milk on a pan. Minutes after 6.00am I head to the kid’s room. They are sound asleep and as always Brad is not covered and he is sleeping across his bed.
I always start with Lyn. She always wakes up and never gives me a hard time. Presently, she can actually prepare and dress up for school. In fact, she also makes her bed before getting ready. I always praise her for that and she always knows mom feels happy when she helps. Unfortunately, that’s not the case every morning. The most difficult part of my morning is getting Brad for school, but I always try to be calm. Getting him out of bed is not easy. I have to wake him gently or else, it will be tantrums all the way to school. 
Basically this is what happens; I tap his shoulder and ask him to wake up. He raises his head, says good morning and drops his head back to bed."Ooh no, not today please," i think aloud. 
“Brad, you need to wake up. Do you want to be late in class?” I ask in a soft voice but really running out of patience. This boy can easily throw a tantrum if you sound harsh, and on such mornings, I never want that. The last thing is starting off our day on the bad side. Since getting him to wash his face and teeth brushed will never be the first thing for him (unless he is in a very good mood), I just get his socks and shorts on first then I say the magic words- Weetabix. It always works by the way…. Yes, this boy loves Weetabix. As he gets out of his bed and rushes out their room, that’s the best time to get his shirt and sweater on, wash his face and brush his teeth.
He always eats one and half bar of Weetabix before taking it all down with milk. On the other hand, Lyn is not a Weetabix-kind-of girl. She loves Choco pops, or eggs or bread and getting her to take a cup of milk is tough unless its fresh juice. When done with face,teeth and uniform, Brad rushes to the dining table and luckily, dad has fixed their cereals and milk already. “Wow, thanks,” I smile and rush to our room to get ready.
The dad sees the kids through the breakfast and as am quickly getting dressed, I remember Brad’s hair is not fixed. This task is delegated to me exclusively. I am the only person who he allows to do his hair. I guess I make the routine less painful ;). I hurry through and on checking through the time its 7.05 am.
“Brad, sit well, I need to fix your hair,” I let him seat on his plastic chair. He gives me that look of ‘not-again-you-want-to-comb-my-hair’ kind of look.
“Brad, Please don’t disturb. Your hair needs to be combed,” I raise my voice because we all need to be ready and head out at around 7.10 am or 7.20 am. He reluctantly calms down and sits still.  I spray his hair with some water and then a detangling moisturizer.  I get it done despite his constant side way twisting of his head and ‘ouching’.
As all this is happening, Lyn is done and brushed her teeth.  The only thing remaining is spraying her hair and oiling her face.
“You have your fruits and water?”
“Yes” they both confirm with a nod as they leave the house. I quickly get my shoes on and confirm that I have left some money and note (what to make for dinner) for my house girl.  As I rush to the car, I find Brad standing outside mad and not listening to the Dads pleading word to get in the car.
“What’s wrong?” I ask. I see Lyn is seated on the co-driver seat.  “Oh, is it because Lyn is seated at the front?” I ask him and rally keeping my cool and he nods with a yes. “ You all need to stay at the back. Lyn please move to the back.” She resists for a moment but she finally moves. Seeing that his wishes were granted, Brad smiles and gets into the car. We leave the house at 7.20 and that means we will be at the school gate at 7.30 am, that’s if we don’t get the sluggish traffic around the school. 
We park at the gate at around 7.40 and Lyn gets out of the car and starts heading to the inside of the school. I ask her to wait on his brother, which she does. She rushes inside the gate and Brad follows. This makes me happy. As I watch I see him running to his class and smiling at his small friends on the way. I wonder why he gives us a hard time but hoping that soon he will outgrow this morning tantrums.
  What's the most difficult moment in your morning routine?


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