Home -to- School Morning Routine : Part 1

My morning always look crazy. On days when I have it all planned, I wake up as early as 5am. In my plan, I am supposed to wake up, shower, read a book for 30 minutes as I wait for the clock to chime and remind me that the kids should be up. This is supposed to be 6am (45 minutes to help them get dressed, and have their breakfast . 10 or 20 minutes after reading a good book, I need to be fixing their fruit snacks and get the cereals(Brad loves cereals, actually Weetabix) and milk ready. As the clock reminds me its 6.30 I need to be waking them up and prepare them for school. This should be smooth, right? But why is it a struggle? I also wonder…..
On getting out of the house, am always the last one, struggling with my bags and at times, holding my lippie ready to finalize my look in the car. Thank God, the Hubs is the designated driver. Of course at times it’s just me and the kids, and on such days, am always planned, though there is always a few ups and downs.
This reminds me how we struggled early this year. Coming from the holidays, a week after the kids were supposed to be in school. Most parents had automatically switched back to the early school routine, but we were having a hell of a time. A whole week, we were dropping off the kids at exactly 7.58ish. However, we had wake-up call that Thursday when we arrived at 8.20ish. We parked at the gate, and as always the kids rushed out towards the gate, which was closed by the way. Imagine the guard refused to open the gate for them. I had to go to him and after I gave a lame excuse, He allowed the kids and I was glad when I saw them running to their classes, but at the same time, sad that they were that late. As soon as I was getting into the car, I heard the guard calling me back. Why? The headmistress was calling after me.
“Hey Mama Lyn, why are we late today?” she asks in an ever charming but inquisitive manner.
“Hello Madam Maria. Today, we had a very bad morning. The car decided to give us troubles, but here we are. My sincere apologies.” I answered while feeling really mortified.
“Let’s hope for the better tomorrow then,” she says as we part and wish each other a good day. While all this is happening, the dad is sitting silent and relaxed. 

Since then, we have really been trying with our morning routines. It’s still a struggle but at times we are among the first ones (that makes all of us so happy and glad). Everything is always planned, but some mornings are very crazy especially with Brad. Look out for the next episode……..

Are your morning routines so easy? (like in this illustration). You really need to share your tips in the comment section below

 Lots of Love,
Young World & Mom.


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