Am I done having kids? Am I ready for another child?

That’s a tough question. I think we need some good discussion on that. Of recent, I have been battling with that question. Why is that? These are my dilemmas:

  1. I have a perfect balance, a boy and a girl, what more could I ask for?
  2. I have two little kids who are currently tough to manage. Fighting, wanting this and that, and more responsibilities coming as they grow. Do I need another addition?
  3. Friends and family are giving birth and once you see those sweet little angels, you just wish he/she were yours. Sweet adorable little beings. Should we get another?
  4. Am I ready to get pregnant again? Or am I done having kids?

And as I mentioned above, this is a fully loaded question.  I can’t answer it because even with the two I have, I was never ready for them, but they came and I accepted.  With both of them, it was always first three months of coming to terms with being a mother.  So yes, I am among that category but I have no regrets either.

Back to the question… To get an answer to that, there is so much to consider.  Having to ask yourself and get an answer is a process. Really.  But at times God has other plans ;), even when you got it all planned. Just when you are sure you are covered and safe, bang! You join the list of ‘Oh no, am I pregnant?!’ group - One with a surprised question. Not the one with a smiley face at the end.  Not as planned, but once the reality kicks in and you start feeling that little person inside of you, you get so emotional and fall in love with her/him. From that moment, your love story sprouts.

To a couple or single parent, this is a process that needs you emotionally and mentally prepared. Are you ready to get another child? Or are you done? The realities that come in with the decision are: are the two of you (or single as you are) going to manage another child? Can you afford adding another child? Are you comfortable to provide for another child? A lot to consider and that’s the reality.  Going through new baby stages all over again and that phase, has its own ups and downs. Their future is there to consider (baby care, school then college bills and more).

There is so much to consider but all these comes to one conclusion, that we all have different stories. We have different financial situations, and our capacity to handle things is totally different. You will find one family having kids back to back (year apart), others having a very big age different and it works for them. Yes, FINANCE is important, but it’s not everything. About the right time, I believe there is no perfect timing but things will always work out. We are humans and we can never control everything.

You find this couple, and they have four kids, but they feel something is missing in their family in order to complete it. For them there is a deep longing that they are not done, and having another child will complete the family, then why not. You find another couple that is visualizing not adding another, and then perhaps for them, they are ready to close that chapter. And to others, they might have that decision to have another child, but their health or other health issues forbids them to do so, my heart breaks for them.

All in all, DESPITE THE CIRCUMSTANCE, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET HAVING ANOTHER CHILD ONCE YOU LAY EYES ON THE LITTLE ANGEL THAT YOU CREATED. Once the reality comes that you are expecting another one on the way, don’t battle, everything will work out in the long run.

What are your worries when you think of adding a new little Being to the world? Share your thoughts below.

Enjoy Kyles Pictures as he rocks a Black and White Outfit that His cousin decided to let go...and Boy, he rocks it even more than Brad did.



  1. Hahahaha, to me its "Is it the right time?". But I believe time will come and am sure I will love the mini-me. Loving the posts Young World

    1. No one will ever tell the right time. Your time will come and you will love that bundle of joy you will bring to the world.
      Am glad you are loving the blog, thanks for reading dear

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