To My Child’s Teacher

'A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the path for others.'
Every single day, it’s a rush in the house. Packing lunches, getting the kids to brush, wash their faces, have some breakfast and leave the house before 7.30 am. It’s always a crazy morning even if preparation was done the night before. Once we drop the kids, I always have that fulfilled feeling of the ‘number one task of the day is done’. You see off your kids to school and you know that besides getting educated and expanding their knowledge, they will be safe, and well taken care off. And that, is delegated or expected of our dear teachers.

When schools break or weekends come, I personally, always have mixed feelings. I am happy that my mornings will be easier, homework time will be replaced by fun activities like swimming, puzzle solving, riding bikes or watching films. At the same time, getting all these fun activities planned and done will need effort and us all involved, plus solving cases among siblings and dealing with bad behavior if any. I have to sleep a tired person because I was dealing with only two kids. What if I had five kids of the same age, and energy?

In my kids’ school, parent-teacher meeting happens twice in a term. It is a meeting where we as parents get to interact with the teacher and get to know areas our kids are good and where they need help improving. I can honestly say that these moments are always emotional to me and I can’t help it. These are moments when the teacher informs me of how Lyn’s performance is so far. The last one I went, her performance in terms of writing speed and concentration was going down hence negatively affecting her potential. That was the moment when I realized that my little girl had troubles and she was not the active, creative and innovative girl I knew at home. 

At that moment, as a parent, your heart is emotional but the teacher gives you those assuring words, “She has potential, I will keep…” That simple statement is all I needed to hear. Words that not only encouraged me as a parent, but also meant that, she is not going to give up on my child or judge her as a person based on her weakness or ability to pay attention. Despite all that, she was ready to help and see her through.

In a class with a group of kids, all with different needs, weaknesses and other special needs, this is a teacher who will take time to identify all the innermost qualities, skills, weaknesses and abilities. Just imagine, this is done for each student by one teacher. They are awesome and amazing people and today, I had to appreciate them. 

Just imagine the load of work they carry every single day. First of all, we entrust them with our kids for almost eight hours a day every week. In a class full of individual kids with different needs and issues, He/She must handle all that. This one has hearing problems, two of them lost their parents, one is extremely shy and reserved, another one has a detached parent, one has issues of sharing, there is one little girl who only gets one meal a day(lunch at school), and or a little boy who still throws crazy tantrums in class. That is just but a few mentions in that one class.

I might go on and on, but in brief, this is what these amazing people of the world do:-

  1. They teach our kids to read, write, add and subtract
  2. They teach them about the world and everything in it
  3. Besides knowledge dissemination, grading quizzes and keeping chalks, they protect, counsel, mediate, and motivate our kids.
  4. They teach them to be kind, forgiving, tolerant and compassionate.
  5. They wipe off our kids booboos, tears and dirt.
  6. They listen to their little stories and tell them theirs.
  7. They become aware of our kid’s issues and if parents fail to mention, they have to figure the issues on their own.
  8. They figure out best ways to work around issues they find in our kids so as to ensure that they benefit from the time they are in school.
  9. They help soothe our kids from worries and frustrations such as tying shoes, orphans, homeless and so much more.
  10. Gracefully answering the tough questions from the kids and parents.
  11. They must be understanding and tolerant for students with learning difficulty, or disability.
  12. They perform the miraculous task of getting a class of unique kids full of energy to listen, engage, remember and learn.
  13. They regularly have to discover or find new and creative ways to teach the boring facts that need to ‘stick’ in our kid’s minds.
  14. They identify, and mold our kid’s young minds gradually to become the Leaders, Doctors, Professors and Innovators our nation’s future needs.
  15. They do all these for a salary they can barely make ends meet.

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 Lots of Love,
Young World & Mom


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