The Invisible Ones

As a working and stay at home mom or parent, there are those little jobs we do that our partners may fail to recognize. Does this even sound true? Yes it does to me. At times I sit down drained, and if anyone dare asks why am tired, I can't get myself to give answers. I know deep inside that it will sound so ridiculous since the tasks seem so fake and petty, unlike cooking, washing or going out for errands. Small or ridiculous as they might be, they are part of caring for our kids (and hubby/wife) and keeping the whole family organized and connected.  

I am sure most mom or even dads will give some acknowledgements on some of these ‘invisible’ jobs. Jobs that your friends will never understand when you explain to them why you look so drained and tired. 
  1. Remembering and organizing family birthdays
  2. Clipping the kid’s fingernails and toenails, and of course clearing the remnants off the surface or floor.
  3. Regularly going through your kids’ closet to swap the overgrown outfits with appropriate ones. This can even take the whole weekend afternoon.
  4. Packing all the outgrown and less worn clothes collected from the kids and our closets just in case we decide to give them out or keep. 
  5. Packing the beautiful outgrown clothes in boxes just in case we decide to have another addition to the family.
  6. Taping or gluing ripped books
  7. Covering and labeling new books.
  8. Being very very sharp-eyed to identify and peel stickers and chewing gums off the furniture, floors, walls and clothes.
  9. Waking up early and save some time to pack healthy snacks.
  10. Sniffing on clothes left on the floor to know whether they are clean or not.
  11. Put boxes of children’s puzzles and ensuring that all pieces are found.
  12. Deliberating on whether to search for the missing pieces of the puzzles or give up and throw the whole game away.
  13. Dealing with the ‘usual’ meltdown from kids when they discover you threw their puzzles or damaged toy away.
  14. Coming up with fun activities that will require absolutely no help from me at that time when I need to finish a task and the kids might decide to be around me demanding for attention
  15. Getting the toilet paper or soap replaced
Do you have any additional task to add to the list?

Lots of Love


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