My Top 5 Marriage Perks

It’s Valentines again and the kids are both excited and all will be dressed in RED, well except Mom and Dad. Its funny, but Cal and I did Valentine’s gift exchange a week ago, though the day’s special meaning will still hold its meaning and of course I will be waiting for the kids creative artwork from school.
My handsome hubby and I are celebrating our Eighth (8th) Valentine’s-years tomorrow!  That deserves a toast. While I can’t really say it has all been heaven and candy, I can certainly say that all the trials we have been through is worth it.  Just like any relationship, we have those times we hate but above all I love and am totally in love with him. He is the best husband, friend and best daddy in the world. I am one happy woman!
In honor of our years together, I thought it will be fun to share my top 5 marriage benefits.
  1. That you will always have him no matter what. He will always have your back, and front because in life, one needs helps from their close and loved ones.
  2. That he will always be there when you laugh and know when you are sad and need that therapeutic hug to fix and relax your mind
  3.  He will find you sexy and attractive even when you are in his baggy shorts and sweatshirt on those lazy days you want to sit, watch, eat and eat.
  4. He will be one person you will be free and silly with. You can sing loud with your croak voice, pee with an open door, see your zebra striped belly, but still love and adore you.
  5. That you will have your own jar opener, baby-sitter, certified plumber, heavy lifter or Chef (that's a bonus) who happens to be yours to keep and give kisses to while he works without thinking twice.
Happy Valentine’s Beautiful Souls

What are your bonuses when it comes to marriage?

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  1. Aaaaaaaw love is the greatest gift of all.... Happy Valentine's you guys stay happy always and may your love grow each day....

    1. Very true and thanks Abby Darling. Am sure you and your Valentines will have the best as you stride on with your journey of Love.


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