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 Who doesn’t love some good music? To help you through the daily chores, to help soothe you or the kids to get some goodnight rest, to help you do those core workout moves or help you do your morning runs. That is why I agree that music is food to the soul just like food is to the body. I don’t know if I said it right, but hope you get my point ;).  That reminds me. Remember those times when people used to write down all lyrics for their favorite songs down?  Those times every love letter had a song dedication (I hope lovebirds still do dedicate. I do **blush**).

 As a mother, there are those songs I love and they all hold a meaning to me. Lets see what I have to share today, being a Friday. 

Francesca Battistelli – This is the Stuff
You wake up in the morning, rushing here and there to get the kids ready for school, fix their snack, you realize one is missing his shoe, one has not finished his or her breakfast, the dad is looking for the car keys and in the middle of all these, you are not yet ready too. This song reminds me that with all these chaos, and lost things, I am still blessed to have what I have.

 Francesca Battistelli – Beautiful Beautiful
Another Battistelli song. Yeah, We just love her songs and ‘This is the stuff’ is Lyn’s Favorite! This one always soothes me and reminds me that am blessed.


Christina perri – Human
What a better song to remind me everyday that we just but human. We are not perfect as parents, we can fall, but we can all do it.

The Weeknd – Can’t feel my Face
She/he comes at home all muddy, missing shoelace or sweater. “Mommy” here and there, “Hun, where is….” there and you don’t know who to attend to. Your head is spinning and you try to keep a hold of yourself from screaming…  still you adore and love them all. And you know they will always love and be there with you. This is a perfect song, don’t you think?

Pharell William – Happy
The hubs in the kitchen trying to get that kimchi recipe well followed, scattering all the kitchen items and dumping them at the sink. Kids all seated at the kitchen table trying to paint while breaking and dropping their crayons. You know you will be the one to fix all the mess, but why would you show your emotions? Sing this jam and get crazy with your dance moves too…while burning some calories ;).

Beyoncé – Love on Top
You are heading home full aware you have kids and the mess you might because they are alone with the Dad. Mentally you are prepared. You slide the door open and there is silence. You see the hubs seated watching. You give him a kiss and wonder. You head to the kids room and they are a sleep. To the kitchen, and all is clean. I can imagine your heartbeat. That’s the song in sync with your heart, right? But too bad you can’t go loud because you might just wake the kids up

Owl City – Good Time
Every time I wake up in the morning, looking at the calm and innocent faces that sneaked into our bed in the middle of the night I smile. I remember those moments everything is crazy or just calm, and then this song always comes in handy. Yes, it’s always a good time hanging running up and down because of them.

Be blessed,

Lots of Love,
Brad, Lyn & Mom.


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