Family Challenge- So far So Good

Early this year, Cal and I decided to embark on a Family Challenge to limit screen time for the kids though we hope to do the same as their parents.  I mentioned this on this POST. Its over a month now and things are going well.
They still watch and use the computing gadgets, but it is on a limited and specified time. I am really enjoying the changes I’m seeing in the kids, especially Lyn. The change is good and we are impressed whenever we see her doing the stuff she disliked when you moved her away from the Television or tablet. As I write this, I don’t even know when is the last time they used their tablet. I had to hide them. They will get them when we think is right.
When it comes to Brad, the nanny allows him to watch after his afternoon nap. That is after he begged us to ask her to let him watch cartoons.  We allowed it with a condition that he doesn’t watch past 5 pm, when we are all back in the house. Unfortunately yesterday he threw a tantrum when we switched the television off and before he slept we agreed with him that there will be no more cartoons for him, and he agreed. Hmmm..lets wait and see.
On the other hand, Lyn has been busy. After school, she is dropped at my office and she clearly knows why. At around 4 O’clock, that’s time for her to be on one-on-one time with Mommy. We meet and get to work. 

After realizing that my girl needs extra help for her studies, especially her writing skills, we agreed with her that she will be coming at the office but with a condition that she doesn’t disturb. At times there is too much office work, but I try to have her busy with her work.  Thanks to the Internet, I got my hands on interesting and educative materials that are also fun to do. If there is no homework from school, she works with the printouts of word search, crosswords and word scrambles I have compiled for her.  At the end of it all, she enjoys and learns something from the after-school time we have both set for ourselves. 

It’s interesting to find Lyn absorbed in reading a book in her bedroom. She has been devouring her reading and picture books or on the blackboard we recently got, at the hallway. If she is not reading, she is busy writing down number work problems to workout herself or scribbling down what she learnt from school. This is unusual of her but very positive. 

Is it funny that Lyn is easily distracted when doing language work, but when it comes to number work, my little girl is surprisingly focused?

Overall, the challenge has been good especially to the kids but I am hoping the adults (me and him) could hack it too. No phones in bed and TV shows (So help us God). One thing I know is that the payoff is worth it. More quality time for the family, having dinner together and communication.
Do you have limited screen time in your home?  What are some of your tips for making it stick?

Lots Of Love,
Young World & Mommy



  1. Interesting.... It's good that the kids are adapting to less screen time...

    1. Yes it is though its a real challenge especially if watching makes them calm and in one place. With no cartoon,there's too much noise,fights,cries, solving disputes and utillizing the toys they had neglected...not bad I'll say


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