Lyn’s Snorkels Experience

Our Trip last December was simply the best! We started off at Malindi and ended up in Watamu, where we extremely loved. It had clean, beautiful and not-so-crowded beaches. Besides having the best holiday, we also got sunburned and now we are really moisturizing ourselves every time. Our skins are so dry and flaked. I guess next time we need to moisturize more than we did.

There is so much fun to do at the coast besides relaxing. Before we could end our Vacation, snorkeling and dolphin watching was in our to-do-list. A day before our departing from the Coast, We organized with the Hotel and we were told Dolphins are like humans, and so they don't like the hot sun. That meant we had to wake up early before the dolphins decided not to be seen.

That morning, we were all excited especially me. After twenty or more minutes of dolphin watching, we headed to snorkeling side of the sea. As everyone got ready to dive in, I realized that it was deep and I got butterflies. I was kind of thinking about Piranha Movie, and that made me try to stop Lyn, but she was very adamant. Lyn and Dad got all excited and since mom, me, was like a scared little cat, I insisted Lyn gets her floater and snorkel mask on. She did but refused on the breather.
Video was shared on instagram (@bradmalyn)

For the next one, am hoping to go canoeing or kayaking and maybe go snorkeling once again, but with an underwater camera. I can only imagine how awesome those pictures will be.
Lots of Love,
Young World & Mom


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