Healthy Snacks: Part 1

How many times does a kid have snacks?
I don’t know the exact number but mine can have two to three times daily. I didn’t know much about snack or healthy food for kids until I became a mother and especially that time my first one stopped on exclusive breastfeeding. From the little knowledge I knew from the elders, porridge was number one, but I realized they need other healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.  It has been a journey that I have acquired so much. It is a learning process everyday.

Flash-forward and am still learning more and more about children from all angles. Thanks to the Internet, I also discovered so much about other healthy snacks and smoothies, which I can prepare for the kids whole family. The kids will be benefiting and so will the hubs and I. On that note, look forward to more Healthy Treats posts, that am hoping to post as much as often. For kids and parents too.
 Egg Chicks:
Boiled Eggs
Lyn dived into the carrots and the egg but Brad refused to eat his adorable little chicken

Mixed Fruit Juice
I love making juice from home and no sugar added. For this mixed juice I used:
Banana mixed with black grapes

  School Fruit Snack:

Hope you Enjoyed.

Lots of love,
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