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Happy New year!
Once in a while, when the little ones are not watching movies downloaded or bought by mom, they are either doing it on Netflix or YouTube. The later one is not always my preferred media for my kids to watch. I always believe that they might stumble on adult content so am always watchful when it comes to that. Or I simply disconnect the connection.
I am very particular with what they watch and I regularly review their films before they can watch. There are so many films and not all are kid friendly. That explains why am always keen on what my relatives and friends watch when around. I never allow adult movies or songs in the living room while they are roaming around. They are curious and when there’s a scene, they will want to see too.  However, this year comes with some rules for Lyn and Brad. We want to try and stop limit their time watching or playing games on phone. This applies to Mom and Dad, though by this I mean watching less. We have a good supply of kids and family board games we intend to play together.

Back to YouTube. I just realized that there’s a YouTube app for kids! The amazing thing about this app is that its kid friendly and only displays content suitable for kids. Parents can also limit the time kids watch by setting a timer where the app will shutdown. From the list of suggested  videos a parent can also report and review. The best thing about it is that:
  • It provides family focused content.
  • It has parental controls through the Timer, sound settings, search settings and product feedback
  • Bright and Beautiful design

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