Parenthood is....

 If you are a parent, then am sure there are times when you hear sweet laughs of your children and then seconds later, one of them accidentally kicks the other one, and in retaliation, the other scratches and a fight or cries follow. At that moment, you make a wish, for uncountable times that day that you could just rewind to that time they play and enjoy each others company. You wish there was a button to press whenever such crazy moments happen.

This post could be longer, but I will try to be as brief. Any parent or mother or father will relate to this. I know any of the two will relate. Last weekend at an evening birthday party where we were all parents, found ourselves discussing parenthood and I realized that we all go through the same boat. With all the craziness, i discovered that most of them loved their little ones despite the troubles that parenthood brings. It is a blessing. 

"And when he sleeps and looks so innocent, I wish I could just wake him up, say good night and also say sorry," Said a Dad as he remembered one time he disciplined his little boy who slept moments after crying from a beating he was given.

So here comes a list of what Parenthood is to me. It happens to me every single day since I became a mother...

Parenthood is:

Getting a wake up call in the middle of the night for a glass of water or “I want to pee”, or just to put him/her back to bed.

Buying toys and little outfits on money intended for me.  

Mastering and Singing word by word to my kid’s favorite songs and cartoon even though they annoy the hell out of me.

Getting glued on Henry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaur or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and end up saying Miska Muska Mickey Mouse...and realize it is fun!

Wiping more poop than I have ever thought I would see in my life.

When the car is so filthy that I am embarrassed to let anyone see it. It is even embarrassing when I am are giving my neighbor a lift early in the morning and the seats have juice spills or covered in pop corns from the previous day.

When I get to hear the word “why” a million times a day and most of the time, I don’t have an answer. Does this mean am stupid?

Having stretch marks dominating most of my belly and feet and sad, collapsed boobs - motherhood101.

Finally appreciating my own mother.

Never feeling at peace unless all of my children are with me, under my own roof.

Always feeling mildly sick but never being able to wallow in my own misery.

Never peeing or showering in peace. There is always someone calling or insisting on using the loo/bathroom I am peacefully trying to use.

Using my sleeves to wipe runny noses and my spit to clean dirty faces. Especially when I leave the house in a rush to drop them at school and I realize their faces were not wiped after that cereal breakfast.

When, just as I want to enjoy that last critical morning sleep, my little boy, who sneaked in our room at around 3a.m, hits me with his tiny feet directly on my lips as he was struggling to get the blanket away. I feel that sharp pain and at the same time uncovered from the warm sheets. I look at him and he is sound asleep and peaceful. At that time, no one is watching or feeling my pain, and I only toughen up inside and think of getting out of bed since its 5 am and sleep has crept away.

When in the middle of my daily sit-up routine, the kids join and one ‘oopses’ (that's our word for releasing gas). It is so funny when they both are denying and hysterically, we all lie on the carpet and start laughing. I forget all my stress and the weight I need to be shedding off and laugh like I’ve never done before. In a moment I realize how important these young ones really matter. I realize, they are worth all the pain, sleepless nights and sacrifice. And they are mine!

What crazy and hilarious moments do you have? Share in the comments we giggle together.

Lots Love,
Young World & Mom



  1. That is really dipicted in our life.the crying at the most opotune moments,when you feel inside the heart thatthis is ùnforthcoming but deep inside you thank God for their presence as it is a beautiful gift for a life worth living.try them!

    1. That's very true Caleb. We thank God for them

  2. Many people think parenting is hard... actually through this article I see its never been hard at all. Its all worth it. Seeing a young brain grow in ua hands is amazing...

    1. Its all about having a positive atitude.. being ready to see your small one grow despite the ups and the downs. Thanks for reading Edward

  3. Waiting for the experience...

    1. Your time will come, and i know you will love the crazy moments more than those times that will wear you down. Thanks for reading


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