Holiday Hobbies for the Kids

It happens that currently kids are in for long holidays and so many parents are all worried (with different reasons) and wondering what their children will be doing. Am sure some have decided to enroll theirs to holiday art classes, others opting for home schooling, others sending them to see their grandparents or relatives, and some it’s just another holiday to have fun and more fun. What's your plan? Would love to hear it.

With the long holiday at hand and Christmas mood, it is more than good time to encourage our children to take a hobby. Holidays come filled with so much to do especially outdoor activities and having some good sleep after. Kids will play, watch, but then with time, all that wears thin quickly – boredom. It's obvious that all this becomes boring and not interesting anymore.
Now this is the time you come in as a creative parent. Depending on your ideas, you can make the days fun for the kids. Below are a few suggestions.

Music/Art lessons:
With enough time to have your kid explore that talent, you can get your child enrolled for some creative art school for a few hours. When they are all rested and had enough sleep, why not get some lessons. Pure enjoyment and fun

Some of our children love sports such as football, Tennis which they might be taking during school year. What about introducing another related sport to them during this holiday. This can be swimming, volleyball, and so much more (I wish there were grounds that offered fields specifically for such extracurricular activities for children after school). As a parent we only need to identify age appropriate sports that will be fun and enjoyable for our children.

Be creative:
Let the holidays be messy, fun and creative. You can have your kids do an outdoor paining activity, either at the backyard or balcony or whichever place. Let them play with clay, sand and other arts and crafts essentials. This saves your interior from being messed with crayons, glue and paint. Painting outdoor allows them to be close to nature and it also serves as a creative outlet for them to master their drawing and painting skills.

Building something:
Wish my kids could try this. Flashback…remember back then when kids on the neighborhood would look through junk and build something from junk? You should read this. Yes, I would want to see Lyn and brad build a box car, or just anything. Something that will be a very good holiday project.
I know my little girl wants a playhouse, maybe we could do that in the near future holiday. Bonding and teamwork will be an added advantage.

Can we make the list long? Drop your suggestion in the comment section, thanks.

Keep Enjoying the Holiday! 

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