Christmas Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

Two more weeks and we are done with 2016?  December seems to be the shortest month. Does anyone feel like that? I do but am happy that this year has been good. God has been good!
So with Christmas fast approaching, I though I could share gift suggestions for the whole family. Hope you get some ideas from it. That’s if Christmas comes to you as a time to share your time with loved ones and also share gifts. Your kids are all excited with what Santa has planed for them. Get creative and surprise them!
LEGO For the Family
Once you get one Lego game for your kids, you will understand how interesting and intriguing it is. You will want to build up that plane or city and forget all about other things. Am glad the LEGO bug bit Lyn and Brad. With every puzzle, we will also get a chance to help them assemble, that is if they let us, hence we all get a plus from that teamwork. Family bonding!


To have a memorable Christmas this year, why not get the LegoDuplo Deluxe Train Set or Lego Duplo Airport? These ones here will be a creative play, which will inspire the whole family to be creative and also entertained.
The LEGO Duplo airport is always busy: the worker is loading the luggage cart, Mum and child are getting ready to fly, and the pilot is doing a final check on the plane, while the airport tower keeps an eye on everything
The train set is an impressive deluxe cargo train set with everything a young train driver needs. Your toddler can load and unload the train's cargo wagons at the warehouse using the cool conveyor belt or using the big loading crane. Fuel it up at the petrol station and listen to the real fuel pumping sound.
There are more of these Lego sets being offered at TOY WORLD.
There are so many toys in the market, though it’s sad to say that most of our kids nowadays are so glued and excited about phones and tablets. There are so many apps that have amazing games that are entertaining as well as educative, hope to review this on another post. But truth is a little break from these is good. Why not get something fun for them this Christmas! Below are my wish lists for them. Santa, hope you can read this.

Any parent would want their kids to have this. A watch they can wear and you know where they are. This watch has a 1.44 inch display, GPS + GPRS + LBS positioning, two way talking (can communicate to kids anytime), SOS one key for help, remote monitoring and voice intercom.
For Brad
Bright, bold and bountiful, the Play 'n Go Table is a 3-in-1 construction marvel and the ultimate toy for kids! This Play 'n Go Table is portable  and also acts as a storage container. With this the kids will be inspired to be creative with building an entire town. The table comes with stickers for fun scenery and a cool car, hence very ideal for kids with imagination and creativity.

This basketball set adjusts to five different net heights from 150 to 210 cm and it features a foldaway rim. That’s amazing! It also folds to a compact size for indoor or outdoor storage and has wheels on the base for easy movement. Now that can keep this little people busy, on their toes and fit.

With all the cars he has, this parking mat will be an awesome addition for Brad and Lyn. It comes with a complete set of road signs – another early lesson for road signs.
For Lyn

She loves art and with these Jumbo Tip Washable Paint brushes, there is NO MESS when she is painting. The Paint is IN the Brush. You simply position the brush on a paper, lightly squeeze and brush with smooth easy strokes. And they are refillable!
She’s been asking for a house at the backyard all year. This can the best gift for her – just like Doc McStufin’s little playhouse! With this playhouse, Lyn will have lots of outdoor fun! This cute pink house comes with a dutch door and shutters and also features a great easy-fit extension. The extension features a pink canopy, roll up door and colorful graphics. It also includes features like a wide interior space, an easy fit extension, shutters and a dutch door.

Now, this one will be any princess’ dream from mom and dad especially if she’s been showing an interest in cooking in her own kitchen in her playhouse. Its an innovative electronic kitchen, made of very resistant plastic. It Includes LED lighting, an oven, sink , glass-ceramic hob with lights and sounds and 16 kitchen accessories.
For Him

When he loves to keep memories you have every single day, then this will be a perfect one for him.
Art Easel

To surprise and help him nature his art skill, why not a easel for a start…This will also mean that the kids can also use it whenever they want to. Such items can be found at Nairobi Art Centre and School Furniture Kenya or any furniture place can make it.

For Her

Lots Love,
Young World & Mom


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