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 The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate - Oprah Winfrey
Unlike the past years, this is the year that my little girl has been singing about her birthday. When it will be, her princess cake and so on. From birthdays at school, and all she has been invited to, I have seen how she longs for hers. With her excitement, this only means that the brother is excited too. In his case, all he wants is Ben 10, and that leaves me wondering what exactly he means by that, because he doesn’t answer me when I ask if its Ben 10 car, football, mask, bag or toys I mention. I need intervention on that…
While am trying to figure out how I can make this two happy before the year ends, I rush to google so I can be a creative mom. So I can get ideas on how I can make this special day mean so much for them besides eating cake and getting gifts. I kind of have my own plan for the two, but I will share what I compiled so that you can also try or simply get an idea. These are the four things I got.

Appreciation for the Little Things
Truth is sometimes we overthink things and miss out on simple little things that our kids might just love and appreciate. We go running up and down thinking of what to buy (that big gift), how the party should look like, who to invite, where to host the party, but what these little ones want is to have fun. As a parent, some little things we do with the kids are forever held in their hearts. Going for a picnic, watching that crazy fun movie or going for a road trip might seem small, but make a big difference.

A sense of Belonging
Waking up, sharing a sweet family breakfast with the birthday girl/boy, or going to the park to allow the birthday have fun while enjoying the presence of the close friends and family. It all depends on how you decide, but the child will surely have fun. His/her will know it’s her day and you are all celebrating it. That simple feeling of being appreciated and loved. The feeling of belonging, permanently and securely.

Building Genuine Friendships
Good birthday celebration will foster real friendship. Inviting a good number to your kids party might lead to genuine connections being formed and might be most fun to all. Additionally, let the kids play and invent their own games because at times we have all the structured games, crafts and activities planned, when all they want is play with each other.

Basic Building Block for Discipline
Okay, this one I had to add because I saw an opportunity to enforce some discipline when I realized these two were all excited about having some sort of birthday (I mean Cake written “Happy Birthday….”. I don’t think it’s blackmailing (that’s my own defense). “BE Good Kids, No fighting, Say SORRY and Help out, then you will have your birthday”. Yes, they always fight, and cry, but they have been saying sorry. Lyn wakes up and spreads Brad’s and her bed, Brad is trying to always say good morning before asking for his ‘eetabix’. This simple things they do, they do make us smile. Am just glad they are embracing it. I always say, for you to get something, you have to work for it. 

Yes, it is always good to make our kids feel loved and celebrated. It is even better to prepare them with good values, confidence and kindness as they grow up. 

Parenthood is a struggle :)


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