Goodnight Little Ones

Ok, I had to do this…This was not a planned write up.

“Wooow! A moon,  I,  can only see” I hear Lyn doing a monologue with herself. That captures my attention and I drag myself to see what she’s doing. She is seated at the partitioned study area doing some sketching. “Yes, lemie finish and go show my mom”, I hear her say as am peeping through the four stands of the wooden stool that makes me invisible (since I don’t want to interrupt). Yes, I have a bad habit of doing my work or reading from the carpet/floor, lying down and sitting (whichever feels comfortable). So am crouching on the floor as I watch. On realization that she is in a hurry to show me what she was doing, I crawl back to my laptop and quickly launch a new word document. This time I lie flat on my tummy and start pressing the keys.

We had just arrived home from visiting a new member of the family and the new mom. With all the excitement, meeting friends and family members we had missed, we started our trip back home a bit late and so we arrived late (7-ish). We made sure the KFC bucket, garden salads and fresh juices were enough to get us home full and ready for bed. Unfortunately, the KFC bucket still remained full on arrival.

On opening the door, what welcomed us was so disgusting. Stale fish. Yes, someone left the fish fillets on the kitchen table before his trip, and mom forgot to call Auntie (a day scholar) to fix dinner for the two fur friends (Dude and Rex). Blames to the two of us. 

The two welcomed us with too much excitement, wiggles and hunger. We settled in, but no rest for mommy. I quickly hurried to the kitchen to fix the two some bones and meat. They didn’t disappoint as the other three did after trying to fix them a light dinner.

I knew everyone was tired and bed time would happen sooner, but that was just but a wish.  Little Rita claimed she wasn' t sleepy, and i could see her getting a book from the shelve then running to the desk.  And the monologue began....She quickly comes to mommy and shows me the pages she'd been tracing and my heart melts. 

It's  21:43 and they are still awake and calling my name from their room. They are both playing some games which I know, for sure, that one or both will be crying at the end. I keep my eyes and thoughts focused on the write up,  but their sweet and mischievous laughs keep getting my focus unstable. 

Its 21: 51 when I hear double cries. Yes, they just bumped into each other. Lyn’s chin just got hit by Brad’s head (who am sure was seeing stars at the time). I hurry into their room and “I told you so” comes out of my mouth (I think I had warned them). I calm them down and they both say sorry. At this point, they are both trying to ease their pains, so I put then in their beds,  kiss them good night and switch the lights off. It's 22:15 when i check the time and i hear nothing from their room. 

Goodnight my little ones. Goodnight awesome readers!


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