Baby Shower

I love babies. They love babies. She loves Babies. He loves babies. Everyone loves babies!

Yes, a baby shower is coming soon and we are all excited. Lyn and Brad have already picked names for the 'coming-soon-cousin'. How exciting! Its been a long journey for the 'mom-to-be' but soon, she will hold God's amazing blessing.

After gathering all the close family and friends, its been decided! From the theme to cakes to everything. So everyone is happy and we can't all wait for the day this little munchkin will arrive.

The theme is African. We decided to go different this time. From the all-white baby shower to African. The girls will be pulling off an african/ankara outfit and accessorize. So i hope we all pull it off.

The cake
A baby shower with a sweet cake is like.....yea, you thought it right.

Dress Code
An african theme meant an african dress code.  An ankara skirt and white tee was settled on.

A beautiful garden near mom-to-be,  and that led to The Smith Hotel being selected.

Hope to share memories created after this day.

Lots of Love,


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