An African Inspired Shower

When I told my mother we are holding a baby shower, she was confused. I had to explain to her and what the current generation does. What she knew was that baby celebrations are only done when the baby is here. That’s how it’s normally done, but things changed, and there is no bad time to do a baby shower. However, to shower a baby, that normally happens when baby is born. For friends and family to bond with the baby personally. To shower the baby with gifts and love.

When baby is here, maybe a 'SIP and SEE' can happen. Oh, by that i mean just a casual visit by friends and family to come by and see the baby on mom's terms. No five course menus or decorations. That one will be more on baby than mom. People come and go as they please.

Yes, the shower for Farida just happened last Saturday and it was such a joyous occasion. Not much to say, but enjoy the pictures.

 Photo Credits: Nyaonga
Location: The Smith Hotel

Love, Young World & Mom



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