Kids and Tantrums

 Shopping with my family, I mean with the kids, is not an easy one. We are currently facing a ‘terrible twos’ situation. If you are a parent, guardian or just out with toddlers, then am sure you at times face tantrums at the shopping Center or just anywhere public.
After having a fun day at the pool, we decided to do a little shopping before heading home. Yes! Brad finally decided to dive into the pool and faced his fear. Now he can shout that he can swim and also demonstrate how to swim (by this, He lies down and crawls while pushing his body). Now he can utilize the superman swimming costume and Spider-man floating jacket. He now knows the feeling Lyn has when she is all excited about swimming (who keeps saying she wants to dance in the water like what she sees in the Rio Olympics Free routine).
Back to the Mall. We decided to go to the furniture section of the mall. As we were busy looking around, I saw Lyn and Brad hurry away. Cal ran after them and after a second I heard a scream, and it was Brad’s. They both had snatched snorkel sets from the shelves. I could see Cal trying the ‘reason method’ with no success.
What had followed was anything but pretty. I saw an attendant and other people gawk and from their eyes, you could easily sense their judgement. We tried to really reason with them, but nothing we did could stop Brad. At least Lyn was standing away from us, but she was still holding the snorkel set tightly at her chest with both hands.
If was an expert, I would really give all the advice I could on how to deal with such tantrums. At that moment, we only wanted them to shush... We took the snorkels away (amidst their screams) and moved down the mall to the food section. Of course it was a struggle doing that but they slowly calmed down. We allowed them pick some bio yogurt and it seemed liked nothing had happened at all. They were all smiles once again!

What do you do in such a situation? I would love to hear some of your experiences and how people handle such situations.

 Photography by Jay Mycals
Young World & Mom



  1. Brad has a superman costume? I do wish to be a kid right now... I never go with my sister to shop especially the supermarket I always end up buying stuff that wasn't on my list...

    1. Yes superman is his hero even though he hasnt watched any superman movie. I think he needs to watch it.
      Thats mpulse buying when with the little people.. Its either you buy or get very high-pitched screams.
      Thanks for reading Abby


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