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I have enjoyed every bit during my motherhood journey. There are time I feel like am going crazy, and there are times you smile at what God blessed you with. But, I often forget to plan time to be just ME. I have often had enough time for ME, but unfortunately, I haven’t utilized it well. So recently I have been trying to have just that scheduled into my calendar. That is a rare treat….but I can imagine how refreshed anyone can be!

So, what are the little escapades I plan to do?
Enjoying a good read: I know I can do these anytime, but noo…With Lyn, Brad and their Dad in the house (and work), I have to be on my toes. Fixing them their snacks or food, solving sibling fights, attending to their little demands, getting a little distracted (from you know who), running my new company and I could go on and on. It will feel good to be in a quiet place, just me and my book, and not to worry about them (though difficult not to).
Catching up with girlfriends: After I became a mother and wife, I don’t know what happened and to top it all up, having moved to a new place, made me see less of my friends. Sometimes it gets too busy that even catching up on phone or video doesn’t happen. But, I have (slightly) managed to work around that. Having an alone time with the girls is a good one.
Having a treat: Any mother will understand the hustles of going out in a restaurant with their child, especially a toddler. You have to constantly keep an eye on them. ME time is just me treating myself out. A good book can be the best thing to keep me company when waiting for an order, right?
Shopping: Another hustle you can have with the kids is when you go shopping. Chasing after their tiny feet around the mall, or keeping an eye on them so they cannot wander off, and making sure they don’t use those tiny hands to damage items at the mall. For the ME time, it will be just mom strolling peacefully through the mall, taking her time to check out what she might have missed to see when with the kids.
Catching up on missed episodes: With kids in the house, we are always mindful of what we watch. Adults only watch their action packed, romance, thriller and horror when the little ones are asleep. Unfortunately, at that moment they are all tucked in, I am always drained and just want to rest my head too. During the ME time, It will be me in my living room relaxing on my couch and enjoying my favorite series on the screen. Enjoying every scene without resting my thumb on pause or forward button of the remote. Ready to press when they rush into the room.
When all these is happening, I know that the Dad will be handling them. Some Daddy-and-kid’s time (hope I can share what they will be doing then).
Yes, that is my wish and plan for my ME time. I hope anyone can try them too.
What do you do during your ME time? Kindly share

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  1. A good movie..or catching up with my favorite blogs always does it for me..

    1. aha! that is a good one...and there are so many things come to think of it. Swimming, at the spa or salon, nature walk.

      Thanks Abby


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