Aunties..A Toast to them

“Auntie is coming?” Brad-Lyn ask in unison and I can see how excited and happy they are. This is how excited they are whenever they hear Aunt Fa, Sharon, Mary, Jamila and other aunties are coming. These beautiful souls have made an impact in the kids (only Brad and Lyn know how).
There are women in our lives who are not moms yet (by choice or circumstance or biology) but they have a special bond with a child in their life. It’s either a niece or nephew by relation and/or simply by choice. Whether you’re connected by relation or have been friends for so long, they’re stuck with you. Every family has at least one Auntie, and they are women in our children’s lives who don’t have kids themselves but love your kids like their own.
It’s late, but I recently heard that 26th of July is a National Auntie’s day. I might be late, but I can celebrate them anytime. I know all the Aunties won’t mind that we forgot to celebrate them. They are simply awesome and that’s just how important they are.
When I am about to snap because I can hear some scream from the kids room, auntie to the rescue. They have the energy and patience to play and entertain our kids when we are tired or not there. And I know when they are all grown up and mom and dad are ‘uncool’, they will still be there for them. To listen to them, and then they will keep us in the loop.
Unfortunately, we also love them just as much. They will be there to give us their unique perspectives about our children. They never hold your parenting style for their own comparison, but genuinely for you and the kids. With true love and honesty.
So let’s give a toast to all the amazing aunties with beautiful souls. What will we do without you?
PS: We also have uncles who we love just as much . We still celebrate you too with much love (*wink).
Celebrating Auntie Fa as she gets ready to be a mother.

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  1. Aunties are the best!
    Lovely post..

    1. We are always happy to have them.
      Thanks for reading Linda

  2. Aunts are the best. They're the mums we can talk to without fear

    1. Yes Mari. We run to them always and am glad my kids have a good number to choose from. Amazing people

  3. Hi Zue congrats to Fa I bet she will make the best for aunts they are the coolest...

    1. Yes, i bet she will. and remember, you are missed by Lyn and Brad

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks June. You are one too and brad and lyn miss you

  5. I really like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the great works guys I've included you guys to blogroll.


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