Twining [Brother n' Sister]

Watching how the trend in fashion keeps changing is just amazing. What I love most is taking what the adults are doing and trying it on my little girl and boy.

Street and Ankara style is something I thought I should try this time. With the right sense in style, anyone will still look gorgeous. Besides, comfort is also key especially if it’s my kids I’m dressing up. I try to mix all the pieces together but what I keep in mind is comfort, but still look cute.

On shoes, Lyn decided to pick the sneakers (that’s another trend I am loving on my kids), while Brad decided sandals and jeans will work for him. The color of the Ankara shirt and skirt brightened the mood and everything else.

Initially Lyn was against twining with Brad, but she forgot about it after several shots. I am thinking of a 'behind the scene' post, what do you think? Anyway, I enjoyed this session, and I hope you will enjoy the photos below.

Lots of Love,

Young World & Mom



  1. I love the outfits..You both are looking lovely

    1. inspired by your custom outfits..


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