Things We Did that Our Kids Might or Will Never Experience or Understand

"I’m tempted to have this title seem like am talking to my little kids. Hmm, let me hold that thought"....That's me as I start writing.

Okay, back to business. Or is it writing? Anyway, as I write this today, I’m kind of missing my grandparents. To me its grandmothers because those are the ones I have had an opportunity to share the little conversations, where they would tell us very interesting stories. It’s unfortunate that our kids’ generation might not really experience those moments. I don’t even think they might be excited about those moments like we did when we were young.
As we are having coffee (or was it wine? Hehehe) late in the evening with my long lost classmates and friends, my mind, once again goes flashbacking. I don’t know what to call this flashbacking moments I am having, but it is fun. I look at their all brightened up faces as we try to reminisce about our old friendships, moments and times. We are all grown up, but the wonderful past we had makes us long and miss those moments. We keep talking and talking, not realizing that we have finished two bottles of white wine (Four Cousins). Remember it is a Tuesday, and that means it is a weekday and Jobs to go to on Wednesday. Time is running and we need to part and go back to our families.
Remember those times you would wake up early to walk 10 or 20 miles to school shoeless? I think we were shoeless mostly in the evening, because it was fun walking bare feet, and because everyone was doing it. Remember those times we had to do clay modelling, and so we had to go to river banks (that were miles away) to get that grey clay? Right now our kids only need to get the processed clay models.
For our kids, all these fun things might sound ridiculous, but am sure they will have their own share of stories to say when they are all grown up and they have their own kids.
So, on today’s post I will try to list down a few things my generation did, that my kids’ generation will never understand.
The Television and change of channels
As tiring it is right now to get out of the couch to change the channel on the TV set, but we used to do this. The TV set. I kid you not, there was only one way to switch to other channels, which were not so many. I remember they were less than 5, and not all showed. I think we only had one, and we had to be patient and watch all those commercials and live airings without complaining.
Oh, and the TV relied on the battery, and if you were watching that program like Sinbad, or Jack Norris, then you had to rush to your neighbors, but that’s if you are allowed by your parents. Thank God Sinbad and Robin Hood were during daytime when they were not home.
DIY Cars and Dolls
Our toys were homemade. For girls, if you were lucky, then you would have the plastic ones that used to cry, but if you weren’t, then your mom, grand mom, aunty or sibling would help u make those rag dolls with hair made from yarn. For boys, they would get the bicycle wires and make their own car. We were creative little people.
Can you still make one? Hahahaha
Family Role playing and Cooking
I think our kids still do role play, but I still think our time was different. Remember role playing where everything had to be realistic? Where cooking was also involved? Those metal tins had a very great value to us. If they got stashed away, then we would take hide them in our own stash and be creative with them. I can’t still imagine we would eat the tin smelling ‘food’ we made.
Flash forward to now…I haven’t done this but I know when Lyn starts getting interested in ‘cooking’, then she will be requesting I get those adorable little pans, plates, cups and cookers that are sold in the supermarkets.
Getting Information
This applies to those times we had assignments to do. You see little ones, there was nothing like google or the massive internet database you simply lookup when you have something to research on. Okay, the internet was there, but computers were not that readily available or affordable then. We had to do research ourselves from encyclopedias, and dictionaries, which were only found in libraries. In high school and college, when you had to do a research, we had Britanic..Damn it! I will just rely on google for the real spellings.
When all is reminisced and beamed at, we had our time, we enjoyed and we grew up. They might not see the fun but they are having their own time, and soon they will grow up and have their own memories. Let them make their own memories, and am sure they do have fun in their own ways.
What was it you did that your child will never get it?
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  1. Lol.....I think it was wine you were having! Good times....good read

    1. Hahaha. Yes it was wine. Am loving your presence here. Thank you for reading



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