I Want To Be ..... When I Grow Up

When you are around kids, you get to hear their sweet little voices saying so much. At times they say things that may make you wonder, get surprised or just be emotional. Sometimes, the questions are so many, and you have to try and be wise to answer them. Every day, as parents, We go through all these.

On this particular day (evening), we were all seated around the kitchen table after the kids had successfully finished their homework. 
“Brad, who do want to be when you grow up?” Cal asks. 
We are all staring and waiting. This little boy likes to make us wait. “I.. waaant…” he drags his words while smiling. We are all waiting, and at this point Lyn is impatient too.
“I want to be like Mom!” Lyn blurted out.
 “I want to be Daddy when I grow up”, Brad finally said. That’s after throwing a tantrum because Lyn had answered before him. Seriously, is that too sweet for the ears and heart?
Yes, they are the sweetest words any parent will want to hear. Personally, it melted my heart to the core. But the honest truth is that, it is hard to live up to it. Our kids look up to us every single day. They see us in what they see as heroic moments especially when we save them from falling or making them feel better after getting hurt. They see us as superheroes. They are always there, watching us like a hawk. They see us handle things and they often are in total admiration and pride when they call us 'Daddy or Mommy'. In their eyes and hearts, their parents are the best!
But, they have also seen us when we are weak and worn out.  They have seen us loose our temper when we no longer can find patience. At times they look at us in frustration because mommy and dad may not (nor will we) be able to fulfill their desires and requests as they see fit.
So when Brad said, “I want to be Daddy when I grow up,” Cal took turns to look at them square in their eyes, kissed their brows, and as tears ran down my face, I heard him say, “We want you to be you when you grow up. That’s all we want. Never change.”

Have a beautiful day,

Young World and Mom



  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2016

    You're making me want kids. And have the aspiration that when my baby sisters grow up they'll want to be like me...

    1. Hahaha, in God's time you will. No hurry.

      I am sure they might not be like you. They will be their own selves

      Thanks for reading Mari


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