Have Fun Little Ones, But Mom and Dad Will be Keeping a Close Eye

“Okay,” I said as Lyn and Brad put on their sport shoes. As we arrived home (upcountry), the siblings had been fighting, and getting on each other’s nerves. This is their norm every day.  For instance, Lyn comes running to me crying, “Mommy, Brad is scratching me”. She always knows I will intervene and reprimand, but not this day. We were upcountry and there was room to do so many things and break the energy. I decided to take them down a lonely path that takes us directly to a calm stream.
The kids sprinted ahead of me, all excited to be free. They seemed to be loving the fresh air, and beautiful nature. A short walk down the path of our house, seemed like a very good idea. They were dashing their tiny feet down the road as I tried hard to catch up. I kept taking quick breaks and thinking of how I spent my childhood. We would roam around our neighborhood with friends and have so much fun.
Back in town (city), we allow the kids out alone for short periods. I or my Hubby usually peek out of the window every minute to check on them. I know we did enjoy freedom when we were growing up, but we find ourselves doing that. I couldn’t allow the two of them running down the path alone this day. I had to follow them.
I trailed behind as I tried to remove the blackjack (biden pilosa) weeds from my cargo pants. And memories still came running into my mind. How we would run in the bushy fields, playing hide and seek or just sit down a tree and eat the sweet herbs we came across (those we knew were edible).
The sun was hot and I didn’t scream out when Lyn splashed through the stream. “Be careful!” is what I managed to say. I tried to follow them, but I stopped. Just around the stream, there is a wide open field. I managed to sit down as I watched the kids run around. I could see how fun it was for them, and I didn’t want to follow them around, because they were close by now. Close for my watch. I would never have wanted to see my parents trailing me everywhere I went to play. Unfortunately it is a different world right now. The world has totally changed for us to let our young kids roam around without worrying.
As I looked at them, I could see that another kid has joined them and they are cheerfully chasing each other. It felt so good sitting on the wide green field, with fresh air brushing though my face. I closed my eyes and wished I could do this more often.
I feel so sad that we stay in a busy town where there are no acres of woods or open fields (OK, the woods are there but fenced or just not safe). I know it was fun growing up during our days. We had fun with our siblings and friends without being watched every second. We could only run back to our parents when fights got out of control or someone got hurt. It was fun.  But in today’s world and time, there is value in keeping a close eye to our children. So I will do that when I can.  Following and watching them is my tendency to shelter them from life’s harsh certainties. I get to see what they can do - silly or amazing things. I know I won’t be there every minute, but I am glad I was there on this particular day.

Photo credits : Boinett Photography and Jay Mycals Photography
Lots of Love,
Young World and Mom



  1. I could picture myself as u narrated tHat story, nice one Dotto

    1. Hahahaha Rashid..so what did you do as a young boy?

  2. You have just made me nolstalgic. It's great zubedha

    1. Phoebe i know that feeling coz am kind of feeling that way too. Thanks for reading

  3. Young World and Mom.........Amazing memories!
    Good thing the little ones get a chance to experience the same...at least once in a while.

    1. Yes i miss all those fun times. AM sure you do too and i am guessing they are so many.
      Thanks for reading Shaz

  4. Beautiful article, adorable kids, keep it up #Youngworld


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