Fruity and Yum

Just like any other kid, Lyn and Brad have their snacks ready every morning. They always cross check the contents before I drop their colorful snacks boxes inside their bags. At times they do complain. Like one time I had packed sweet bananas consecutively for two day and since Lyn is not a fan of bananas like her brother, kindly requested that I should pack different fruits for her. It's so funny that she never complains about oranges though. Anyway we try to make sure that they have some sweet and delicious fruit snack with them everyday. 

Lyn’s school allows only fruits as their snacks, plus drinking water. No other foods or drinks are allowed. So that has made us do the same for Brad because we think that’s the best snack you can give your kid. Healthy it is.

Have a look at what they had this week. I managed to get a few shots.

Happy parenting and as always stay healthy and strong.

Lots of Love,

Young World & Mom



  1. So cute and yummy.... You've made me crave these fruits.... heading out for a mango and apple in a few :)

    1. And she was here...Thanks Emily and now you better rush and get some fruits

  2. I like the rules of the school. Junk foods should not be sold in school so that the children's health could be taken care of. :)

    SHAIRA // BORACAY Travel Diary

    1. I do agree Shaira..
      Thanks for reading


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