Family Picnic

“Mom, where are we going?” Lynn asked while I was dressing her up.
“We are going for a picnic!” I answered not knowing that she had no idea what picnic meant. That only meant more questions to come.
“Mommy, what is picnic? Will there be a swimming pool?” She asked in an excited tone

To simplify things and stop any more question I answered calmly “Auntie Fa and I have a birthday, so we are going somewhere with our packed food, spread a blanket on the grass and play all kinds of games you play at school. So that will be a picnic”. At this moment, she was even more excited. Little Brad was also getting more interested in the talk. They began saying singing it in unison “We are going for a picnic”. I brought them to my laptop to show them some picnic pictures and immediately they started asking me about the basket and so many other things (from what they saw on google images).
This was going to be our first ever picnic. Everyone was excited! Just me and my family, eating in the fresh air. The weather seemed promising and I knew everything was going to be fun and food would taste even better and lift everyone’s spirit.
Our first choice for the picnic site was Menengai crater, but on the final day of preparation, we decided on Punda Milias Nakuru Camp. We had been referred there by a friend, and we loved the place once we were there. There are other picnic sites like the ones in the Lake Nakuru National Park, but we might consider them next time.
What We Packed
We packed some fruits (water melon, apples, and sweet bananas), drinks (wine, fresh juice and water), some sausages, utensils and of course the birthday cake to crown the day. A blanket/shawl was a must and everything was put in our plastic basket we got from Nakumatt.
No picnic is complete without fun activities or games. This keeps everyone entertained and have fun while enjoying the freshness of air and the sun. Because we didn’t want to over pack, we carried Ludo and snakes and Ladder board games.
This was a simple, fun and pocket friendly way any family should try. I know it’s been cold, but consider taking the next chance you get on a warm sunny day to spread out a blanket under a tree and have a fun family picnic.
It was the best Birthday and Family Picnic!
Have a look at our moments at Punda Milias. Hope you will enjoy and consider picnicking.

And we loved the healthy and friendly dogs that kept us company throughout the day...Snoopy, and Chester..

Lots of Love

Young World & Mom



  1. Wow thats a realy cost friendly idea... happy belated birthday again. I can see you guys had fun and the shots are breath taking.

    1. Yes it is Abby..You should try it for ur birthday or any family n friends outing. Its fun
      Better late than never.
      Thanks again


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