Morning Dog Walk

I love animals. Or should I say pets? Anyway, I think it is the same thing. I easily get excited to have any animal in my house. Like every time I meet or see these little monkeys on trees with their young ones clinging around their waist, I always (always) wish it could be possible to take them home with me.
I thank God, there are those we can have in our homes. Our home has housed a few. We once had two rabbits, then came an adorable cat Ruby (who wasn’t friendly with the kids) and finally the two dogs, Dude and Roxy and the lovebirds (unfortunately we lost one bird recently).
Dogs, just like kids, refuse to take responsibilities. We have to be there to help them. I might not be the perfect trainer, but we get along. They know am the boss (mom is the boss) and they listen and look at me when I speak or look away when I am mad at them for peeing at the wrong place. Every day, when am all alone with them I have tried explaining to them of how important it is to be clean, and proactive. They always listen very attentively (or maybe they just act?), but later, I’ll see them doing the same thing I asked them not to do. This includes peeing on the side of the fridge, sitting of falling asleep in the dirt, jumping over to my little garden and getting soiled after a warm bath etc). But at the end of the day, they are just too adorable and they make you forget with their little gestures.
If you live in an apartment like us, having your dog in the house or backyard (patio or balcony) is not enough. They need to have a walk daily. This helps them get engaged and well exercised. We haven’t been regular with walking the two dogs, but we are slowly getting this adopted. Currently we just try to have a short walk around the neighborhood and because Dude is a very hyper dog, a leash is always needed. They all get excited when they see their leashes, and they always know at that moment that it is time for their walk.
This Saturday morning, we took a few pictures while we were out with the dogs. Hope you enjoy
Dude and Roxy all relaxed after their walk


Young World and Mommy



  1. Aaaw. What a great pack! You're right. Quite important to walk them regularly. They are all quite adorable. We'd love to feature them on our page (linking the post of course).

    Hope that is okay!

    1. Thanks for visiting our page and reading through. About sharing it, i have no problem. It's okay

  2. Yes, it is very important to take them for walks. Am sure you too will be gaining from the walk too.
    You have beautiful dogs there.


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