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Yay! It’s midterm break for me. I am enjoying my break this week, but when it comes to next week, Brad will be enjoying his. We can't wait for September. When we will be in the same school. My folks believe that it will be better to have both of us in one school. And also Bradley constantly throws tantrums that he wants to go in my school every morning. Can you imagine that when you ask him the name of his teacher, it’s my teacher's name you will hear? Oh! Brad.

Being the first day of my midterm break, either mom or Dad was to go check on my progress at school. Since Dad went on the last one, mom was bound to go this time round. I accompanied her and when she was done with my teacher, she took me for a lunch date. It was still fun even though I was looking forward for a swim in the pool.

So from what we got from my teacher is that I need to do a lot of motor skill activities when am home. Apparently my writing speed is not that fast. At the moment, my parents gives me lots of writings to copy down, crayons to paint and blocks to build. Any other suggestions to develop a kids motor skills? Kindly share.

This is my day in pictures. Hope you enjoy

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Look at the gap in between my teeth

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  1. Motor skills are very important especially in early years in school. There are so many activities Lyn can try. Playing puzzle games, tying shoes, typing or playing with a piano and just anything that involves their fingers. Hope her writing speed improves

    1. Mama Amanda, those are great suggestions. Tying shoes?never thought of that. Thank you so much for that and for reading

  2. Great article, accompanied by wonderful pictures

  3. She is beautiful. Stalking all the posts because they are good.

    1. Thanks for reading through Waithera. There are more goodies here.


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