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They love Frusion Yogurt. So Yum!
We love movies, and that includes animations. I guess that is why it has trickled down to our little kids. But then again, we have been limiting their time watching so they can do other activities. No cartoons on weekdays, and on weekends, in the evening, but not later than 7 pm.
On a Friday night, you will find us all silent and cuddled in the couch with the kids. Doing what? Watching an animation film. Sometimes some of my friends find it funny that I watch animation, but I don’t usually see why that should be so. These films are funny, entertaining, informative and most of them educational. Also, as a parent, before I allow the little ones to watch, I have to review them first. This is just to check whether it is scary and fit for them or not. I don’t want them watching a film while they are hiding behind the couch, just because there is a scary scene.
At the moment, there are several animations that I think anyone would love to get their hands on (others are not yet released). The list below is for the most liked by Lyn and Brad:
1.     Lion King 1 & 2
2.     Home
3.     Mr. Peabody and Sherman
4.     The Lorax
5.     Inside Out
I will limit myself to five. But let me just add cars (1 & 2) and Madagascar (1, 2, & 3).
Since I love to watch them too, I have been watching out for the upcoming ones. I can’t wait to get these ones!
1.     Finding Dory
2.     Toy Story 4
3.     Angry Birds
4. Ice Age: Collision Course
What other kid’s film would you recommend for a family with kids? Kindly share by dropping a comment below this post.
Happy Valentines everyone!


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  1. That is a good list Young World. Big hero, the croods, all hail king julien...

    1. Someone told me about that King Julien series. I think i might just have to look for it. Thanks for sharing Joy and Happy Valentines

  2. Madagascar trilogy are really good. I am looking forward to the finding Dory and despicable me 3. I will recommend Tom and Jerry, Frozen and The Minions. Thanks for sharing that list

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Mama Amanda. The past despicable me are good and funny. Am looking out for that too.

  3. I also love frusion Yoghurt! This is a great post. Great ideas for kids cartoons
    Keep up Young World


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