Lost then Found

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As parents, especially new parents, we have our fears. Fear of hurting our kids. Fear of making the wrong decisions. Fear of ending up with crazy stubborn kids. Fear of losing our kids. Yes! All sorts of fears. That last part, is the most serious one, especially when we are in crowded places such as festivals, malls, supermarket or just anywhere.
For that reason, we always have to be keen. We need extra eyes to watch over the little angels. They are so tiny and they can easily sneak out of your watch if not careful. They can tiptoe into another corner without you seeing.
Our Experience….
It was a Sunday when we had just left church. We decided to go for a swim before heading home. In a hurry to leave the house that morning, we had forgotten to pick their floating jackets. We decided to pass by Nakumatt Westside. We were busy at the sports section when their father was called by a family friend to drop some items he had with him. Before leaving he had told me he was going with Brad. I wasn’t paying attention to see who left with him because with me, I was with my niece who I knew was attending to the kids. When I was done, I asked where Lyn was and she assured me that Lyn went with her dad. I relaxed and went on looking around. When we were done we left and headed to the Waterbuck Hotel, where we were going for a swim.
We picked our table and made ourselves comfortable. After a half an hour, Cal returned. I could see Brad, but not Lyn. An active girl as she usually is and knowing that she loved swimming, I wondered why I couldn’t see her tiny feet running all over the place. I asked Cal and he thought I was joking. I thought he was doing the same to me. Realizing that she was really not with any of us, we rushed to the mall hurriedly thinking of all the possibilities that could have happened. There was no word spoken. We were all in a state of shock, I would say. We rushed to Nakumatt, and just before we could even get in, we saw Lyn all happy and entertaining the customer service attendants. She didn’t even seem like she was a lost kid. I thought I could get mad, but no. I was so happy to see her. My pounding heart was now at its normal rate. I had no words, but my eyes clearly said I was happy and glad to see her there. Her Dad was going through the same emotions.
What happened was that she was holding a pair of skating shoes. She had passed through the exit door, when the beep sound of an unpaid product alerted the attendants. They asked her to tell them our names, which she did, but we were not there. They asked if she knew our phone numbers, but she didn’t. At that time, she had not memorized them. Actually we had not tried to make her memorize them. They decided to keep her there 
That was a wakeup call to both of us and we realized that she needed to have this information.
What did we do?
We took our business cards and a lanyard. We fixed both of them and reminded her to carry it with her always. It is always in her school bag, and when not in school, I carry it with me so I can make her wear when in crowded places.
That is one thing we have tried. The next great thing is the phone number bracelet that we are working on, an idea I got from Mama Mgeni.
The following are the ideas I got from the internet. Most of them are Do It Yourself (DIY) while others you can buy. Hope you enjoy and try one.

GPS Watch/Device
There are a variety of such beautiful devices available online. Save a moment and see what you might want for your kid's safety.

What METHOD/IDEA have you used in case your kid gets lost? Kindly Share
Have a beautiful day and Thanks, always, for reading.
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