Everyday is a Lesson

You can learn many things from children. For instance, how much patience you have  Franklin P. Jones

This is what happened yesterday night:

Time is running out, but am happy that dinner is ready. I look at the kids and I can see how tired they are from their sleepy eyes. I serve the kids. I hurry up with some pending stuff so I can help feed Brad. Unlike his sister, he is slow when it comes to eating. As I look at her plate, she is already done. I give her water and she asks me if she could sleep. Off she goes to bed.

I go after Lyn. But before I get into their room, I pass through the living room. I check the doors and windows to ensure they are all closed before I switch the living room lights off. As I pass through the hallway, I meet with brad hurrying to our room. I ignore "the why" question in my head and think he is done with his food. 

I go to their room to cover up Lyn only to meet with an empty olive oil bottle. It’s my fault because I had left it on their bed after I had given them a bath. I quickly check the floor and I can see that the floor is slippery. I clean it up but I am still wondering why it isn’t much. I cover Lyn and as I am walking out of their room, I see a plate of food on Brad’s bed. It’s his food. Why is it oily and golden yellow?? I pick it up and I now realize why those tiny feet were hurrying out of their room and into our room. He was running for cover! Yes he was. He definitely knew he had done something wrong. Something that would make me mad. I called but nothing. 

I thought I would snap but I kept calm. Yes, I did. I just breathed in and out and went on to clean the floor. I decided to call him and tell him to never do that. He then said "Sowi Mom" (meaning sorry mom) and rushed into our room before I could say anything else. 

Dude would have enjoyed to have an extra share of the spaghetti leftover if the portion was not spoiled. He is a very good eater, and he likes to have a portion from Brad's food. Even if it means snatching away Brad's sausage from his hands.

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What lessons do you learn from being a parent or hanging around kids?

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  1. Patience and tolerance is what i have learnt.

    1. A scarf saves most days when your hair is all messed up. Thanks for reading

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