Bad Hair + Scarf = Beautiful!

This is one of those weekends I have to be sited in order to get my hair fixed. On a Friday prior to getting this (my hair) done, mom has to remind me. I guess it is because she wants me to get emotionally and physically prepared. Unfortunately, I don’t get prepared until that moment she tells me to sit down. Not that I am a stubborn little girl. I swear I am not. I am always calm and unmoved. Provided that something interesting like an awesome cartoon or game is entertaining me.

The first phase is always at home, where mom gets my hair undone, combed and washed. This can be done on a Friday evening or Saturday. The second phase is at the Salon, where my hair is washed again, dried and redone.

After having breakfast, mom undid the six cornrows on my head, in less than an hour. I don’t know how long that is, but we didn’t get to finish Madagascar 3. I wish I always had this less number of cornrows on my head. No long hours on the couch.

I love the feeling of standing in the shower and having water drizzle down from my head to toe (unlike our normal bath time). Before mom could say “bath time” I had already rushed to the bathroom. I got my hair shampooed and rinsed. I didn’t want to get out, but mom was in such a hurry to get back to whatever stuff she was doing.

Our hair appointment was scheduled for Sunday, so at that moment, we just towel dried and combed it. We then added the green scarf over and I just loved it.  I rushed back to the living room to show off my look to Dad, hoping that Madagascar 3 was still on. I was disappointed to see that Dad had switched to NatGeo. I tried to protest, but I found that I was solo. My brother was busy playing with his Toy car. How unsupportive he was at that time.

I went to our backyard to play with Dude, but he was taking his nap peacefully after having his bath. I tried to ride Brad’s bike but it was not as fun as it would have been if it was my bike. I have outgrown it. That’s what my parents say. Too unfortunate that that my bike needs repair after some big kids got it messed up. I saw the water colors and I decided to ask mom for my coloring book and crayons.

Guess What! The unsupportive Bradley decided to join me.  Since he is still mastering his motor skills, I had constantly show him what to do. I have to be there and guide him. He is my small brother you know. It is always fun when we are doing stuff together (even with the fights).

Besides scarves, what would you do to get a beautiful look for your little angel on bad hair days?
Have a beautiful day, and as always, Thanks you for dropping by.

Lots of Love,

Young World & Mom



  1. This is good and I love the scarf idea. Keep up Young World

  2. Thank you for reading Joy.

  3. big sis studying with her little the outfits and colors..keep up young world

    1. Always trying to help his brother.. Wish it was like this all the time


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