Wide Bottomed Jeans

Chosing the title reminded me of minions and Dr. Gru in despicable me 2. Yes, I remember! When they were laughing at the name of Silas Ransbottom. It was hilarious, especially to the minions. I found myself laughing loudly.

Back to the post of today. I love trousers way more than skirts and dresses. I feel comfortable in them because they give me freedom to be playful and not be too careful. I am a girl, but sometimes I want to play without caring so much about me being a girl.

This is my new favorite jeans that mom was lucky to get for less than a $1. It is a little shorter and a bit wide further down, but I love that. It fits so well together with a pair of higher boots. About the sleeveless coat. It was a dress-like trench, but mom modified it a little. The turtleneck top and scarf was just perfect for the weather.

See how I wore them. And that is all for today.
Dude always sneaks into our pictures.


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