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This November, with the Elnino prediction, rain, cold and school break, we think that being indoors will be the norm. It’s been cold and dull outside, but we are not ready to be cooked up in the house. We are still going to have fun and enjoy the weather, because there is no such thing as bad weather. How well prepared you are matters a lot. Embrace it, have a positive attitude and have fun.

This last weekend, we gambled with the weather, and decided to go to the park. The weather was sunny and cool that Sunday morning. Since we had already explored the wild side of Nakuru Park, as seen here, we were heading straight to Sarova Lions Hill for a swim and lunch. We were particularly excited about that swimming part.

We got lost at some point. This is because we were relying on the signposts, and yet we had several Google maps with us. We decided to ask people around and we finally got the right route to the gate. This was a very minor and dusty road that passes through an estate. It is not an easy to find road.

So after a security check, we passed the gate and drove down into the park. We saw a few animals like monkeys and buffaloes. It took us half an hour to get at the hotel, and we were received well at the reception. Since it was still early, we rushed to the pool area which was very private, cool and very green. It was under tall trees, and we could hear the birds chirping. It was like we were in the wild.

The sun was hot, and we went and changed ready for a swim. Unfortunately, Brad was scared to swim, but for me, I dived in the kid’s pool. I got bored and joined dad in the adult pool. Since I had my floating jacket, and the swim instructor was standing by (and I am not a scared cat when it comes to water), I went further to the deeper end. Mom was scared that I might drown, but I didn’t. I explored all the knowledge I had acquired by watching Dan Miller, the swim coach. It was easy with the floating jacket on.

We enjoyed the hot sun by swimming in the cool turquoise blue pool. The sun made it more fun, and Getting out the water wasn’t an option for me. However, something happened! I was very hungry. Checking the time, we realized that it was 2.30 pm. We had to change so we couldn’t miss the buffet. We enjoyed the soup so much that when mom and dad brought the main course, we were already full. We had infact also finished the plate of vegetable salad that was on the table.

After having the delicacies, we went to enjoy the view of the birds through the binoculars. The birds were hopping from one tree to the next. It was such an awesome thing to see. Wish we had a pet bird in the house.

When we were just leaving, it started to drizzle, but it wasn’t a crazy down pour. We drove through the park slowly as we watched wild animals grazing. It turned out to be so much fun. We don’t really remember getting home, because we slept all through after leaving the park because there was nothing to see after that.
Outfit Details

Lyn's: Thrifted from head to toe

Jeans: Nakumatt
Tee: Thrifted
Sandals: Tuskys
Have a beautiful week ahead, and as always thanks for being an avid reader of our posts. You are all adorable.

Love, Young World & Mom.



  1. Dieses November mit dem Elnino Vorhersage, regen, kalt und Schulpause, wir denken, dass sein Innenbereich wird die Norm sein. Es war kalt und langweilig draußen, aber wir sind nicht bereit, sich in dem Haus, gekocht werden.

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    1. Those are great stuff. The tiny cooking items are adorable, I would say.


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