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Happy new Month everyone. Who is excited about November as we are? For that reason, we have been looking back at our memories. Mom and Dad have extracted some of our videos and pictures, so we can have a look at ourselves when we were smaller than we are now. It is amazing. Thank God for the external hard disk backup, Overdrive, and Drop box. We get to look at our memories anytime. This month we go down the memory lane. Yaay!

We Love toys. I love toys. Do you doubt that? Take us to any toy mart or supermarket and you will see just how many toys we will pick, thinking that we couldn’t live without them. Recently, I have been trying to be a good kid when it comes to my toys. After watching how Andy was so playful with his toys, I got creative too. I loved how he would personalize them, and how they all loved that. Nowadays, I think my toys play around when am not in the room. At least my little head thinks so.

Come to think of it, I think that there was a reason why my parents bought the TOY STORY collection for us. To appreciate the toys we have, love them and be creative with them.

Why I love stuffed toys:

  • They are always smiling and don't refuse to play with me
  • They give lots and lots of best hugs
  • They give me company when I sleep (not all of them, but the chosen one)
  • They are dependable in that I can go with them on long trips
  • They can be repaired with a needle when they rip
  • And they are perfect friends because of their unforgiving smiles, and their year long hugs and cuddles

Today I want to reminisce my stuffed friends. From all the one’s I have ever had, Valentine stands out. Val has been with me ever since I was born. I have snuggled and cuddled her, and I still do need her beside me when I sleep.  Even after getting sneaky Tom , Val is still my number one cuddly friend.

Hope you enjoy the post. Showing my three most favorite friends (stuffed).
Remember there is a cake giveaway for November babies here.

Have a beautiful and warm day.

Keeping me company

Riding with me on my tricycle

Watching movies with me. Okay giving me some head support.

This is Shed..

Then comes Tom



  1. Yo make me wish I had a stuffed friend when I was young. Hmm..I think I only had toys like cars and the like. This is a great post

    1. sorry but at least you had toys :). Thanks for reading

  2. this really is a great article, I also want a stuffed toy like that, it'll be great for my life, let's congratulate me.
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  3. Everyone needs a cuddle from stuffed friends. Congratulations

    Thanks again for checking this out


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