Good Read: Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems

Someone has been mastering her reading skills. Yes, I need to master this skill because my headmistress, teacher and parents think so. It is really important because I don’t want to always wait for my parents to read me a good book. I want to be so good that I will be the one putting my little brother to sleep (if that is even possible). I want to have Bradley as my listener, as I read our favorite book, in our room.
What are we reading at the moment?
Hmm..That is a nice question. There is this stack of books in our room, but for my holiday I have decided “Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems” to be the book in my hands. The picture illustration is interesting and I am not bored reading it every now and then. Mom is happy and she always gives me a smile when she sees me struggle with some words. I think my parents are happy with me, now that am not asking for cartoon Lion King all the time. I am also loving the fact that Bradley is beside me, looking at the pictures (and interrupting).

What is it about?
It is an elephant and piggy book. Gerald is the elephant and Piggie is the…you guessed it right.  In this book, Piggie wants to fly, but Gerald the elephant knows she can’t. At the end she gets help from a bird and it ends with Gerald saying “Tomorrow I will fly”. Now I think I can fly too. Is it possible? Maybe with the Pixie dust, but where can I get this pixie dust?
What books do you recommend for kids who are learning how to read?
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