Never Lose it With Your Kids

"Every time you apologize to your kids, you are role-modelling" Laura Markhan
"Lyn! Stop jumping all over the seats" I scream as I pass through from my bedroom to the kitchen. I am busy preparing their evening snack and I still hear their laughs. Am not at peace because they might hurt themselves. I hurry to the living room and see that Lyn is actually jumping from one sofa to the next. The scary part is that the seats are not closely placed. Another scary thing is that Bradley and their bestie Kerian are also trying to emulate her. Being the small one, I doubt Bradley would manage to do what they are doing, and he might end up hurting himself. I am trying to scream stop words but my voice is absorbed into their little happy screams. They don't seem to be interested in stopping because they see that whatever they are trying to do is so fun. However, on my side, it's only the negative thoughts of them getting hurt that clouds my mind. I go to them and hold Lyn, since she is the ringleader, and I ask her to stop or I will not let her watch cartoon.
“Mommy, No. I will watch", she pleads.
“Fine, but you have to stop that" I demand.
“Okay", she says and gives me that smile that always makes me believe her. So I leave. I get busy again with my chaos, but then I wonder why there is too much silence in the living room. I rush to check on them and ‘Oh no’ was my expression. I find Bradley all creamed up. Their hands were all sticky with Vaseline. Bradley had his head all covered with Vaseline, and Lyn and Kerian were trying to massage his head. 
"Whhhat are you kids doing?" I almost snapped, but I tried to keep it cool. They were already scared as it is. For just seeing my face, they all knew that they had done something bad and that I was furious, but what to do. I controlled myself. After Lyn first uttered "Sorry mom", the boys all followed with "Sorry", and I was touched. They are kids. They were all messed up. I took them to the bathroom and cleaned them all up and gave them books to scribble on. 

Sometimes kids can get on our nerves and we might snap and lose it, but acting all fired up will scare them away. As parents we just need to calm down and know what the best thing to do is. Parenting is the hardest thing, but at the end of the day as you stare at those innocent faces fast asleep, you will smile with pride and delight as you remember how they made you run around.

What do you do to stop yourself from losing it with your kids??share your tips


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