How Do you Spend Your Weekend? 10 Ways on How to

"The weekend is here!", that is me when the weekend is around the corner. We all look forward to the coming of the weekend, but am sure we don't really know what to do coming that weekend. When it comes to me, if I have nothing planned on how I will spend my weekend with my family, then I will probably be sitting in front of the TV or computer blogging my way through the weekend. And that is not fun. 

There are so many things we can do to have fun with our loved ones. It can range from just going out for fun to going for a vacation. When it comes to a getaway, if you can afford, then avoid the travel packages that will drain your whole budget and find a better option. 

Having a family fun is not about trying so hard, but having the best time of your week!

I have written some few ideas you can try as a family. The ideas can fit a family with grown up kids or young ones. It is up to you to try and make it as fun as you want it to be. 

  • Eat out. This is the most common activity done by many. You can go out with your family and have lunch or dinner.
  • Invite your family members or friends over. You can cook dinner and maybe after watch a movie together.
  • Visit a local museum or zoo/park
  • Create a home game and play together as a family
  • Suprise your family for a mystery walk in which you alone will know the destination. You can even plan something good at the destination. Or simply have a neighborhood walk
  • You Can have Fun family bike ride
  • Park some food and go for a picnic in the park
  • If you have a garden, spread a blanket, get some books and read your kids a book under that huge tree
  • Play scrabble or any puzzle with your family
  • Go for a getaway from home

What do you do for fun on your weekends? Kindly share.

Have a lovely weekend of fun, love and laughter.



  1. This is great. For my family, normally we go swimming, eat out, visiting friends/family, amusement park or sit all day in the house when there is no plan.

    1. That sounds fun. Thanks for sharing Anne

  2. Its been long since i visited this blog..good content zue

    1. welcome back then my dear..and thanks for your views and encouragement..Keeps us going

  3. Nice plans for weekend. As we have big haze in Singapore, we plan some indoor activities for this weekend: cinema, indoor playground and museum.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anna. Those are great ideas for indoors fun

  4. Amazing. I would definitely try the mystery walk and enjoying a good book under a tree. Looking forward to more posts like this


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