Going Pink This October

I have always been a lover of blue. I can actually say that when I was still learning colors, I have always picked blue over pink. I thank God mom was okay with it, and she always brought me blue, and some pink toys, clothes among others. She would make sure that I didn't feel odd when I was with my girl friends who always picked pink or purple. Up until now, am not ashamed to pick blue as my favorite color.

What am trying to say is that, you should never force something on someone. embrace it and try and make it as interesting to your young prince or princess. We only need to be given a chance to explore our world in our own way. Just be around to give a helping hand when we need it.

Back to October. As we all get into the "pink strand" cause, let us get checked and spread the information to our friends and family. We also need to remember  all the cancer survivors and the affected ones in our hearts and prayers. 

Remember, the best protection is early detection!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the rest of today



  1. Wow she looks like a princess!

    1. Aww Abby, you are so sweet. Missing you

  2. Such a cute princess! Pink is beautiful color! o)


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